Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream Review

To all my chubby cheeks and rosy lips. Today my post is about Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream Review. Now-a-days market is full of whitening and lightening products, and we go and buy that after knowing that it would do nothing at all. We Indian love whitening products so much. Being a girl is too pathetic starting from Day cream , Night Cream, Toner, Moisturizers, Cleansing Milk, Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Eye shadow, Nail filer, nail paints, Lipsticks, Kajal, Eye Liner, Mascara, scrub, packs, conditioner, hair spa, rebounding, etc, etc, blah! Blah! Blah! & bill that affect directly to Husband Pocket or Father’s pocket. Hehehe 🙂 !! When I was in college my half pocket money goes in vain with this stuff. Any ways today I am gonna review about Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream.

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I am really very specific about my skin care routine, and Night cream is an essential part of skin care regime, we should not avoid it, as night cream have some ingredient that is beneficial to skin and that a day cream does not have. Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream though I got this as a monthly gift of Oriflame. But I loved it. Now let us discuss the review first.

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Price – Rs. 590/- for 50 ml

Direction for using – Apply on face and neck after cleansing and toning.

Key Ingredients – 

Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream bottle Image

Shelf Life  –  36 months from Mfd

Color – White colored cream.

Smell –  Nice and mild smell.

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What Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream Claims:

Whitening night crème to help hydrate the skin during the night. Contains liquorice extracts to help lighten skin.

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My experience with Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream

I am using Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream since last one month, I have applied Oriflame Night cream every day after cleansing and toning, it makes the skin visibly smoother and fairer after two three day only, and with regular use it make the skin fairer and smoother, contain liquorices extract which is known for its whitening property, have a very mild and fantastic smell very feminine which you would love.

But the price is too high as the quantity. But need in very less quantity and goes long way. The packaging is travel friendly as well as very good and classy. It works well and claims are true its make skin clearer and smoother day by day. Oriflame is brand which trust easily, moreover night creme are costly and if you need a good oil free non-sticky creme then this the right creme for you. Lets count down all its good and bad points.

Good about Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream

  • Travel friendly
  • Make skin tone light and smooth
  • Make skin look Healthy.
  • Non-sticky
  • Absorb quickly.

Bad about Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream

  • Contain Paraben
  • Costly

Availability : Available through Oriflame consultant.

Fashion and Beauty Ratings: 4/5  ♥♥♥

About Deboshree Biswas

Deboshree Biswas from Delhi, Basically from Bengal, but brought up in different states as her father is in central Government Service. She has done her Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science and Engineering from Bhilai Institute of Technology. She is crazy about Makeup and Shopping. She is perusing her career in Software field currently, but wants to be an entrepreneur. She loves bright and beautiful Colors. She loves to explore Nature and prefer natural beauty. She is very Health conscious, goes gym regularly, as healthy life need fitness too with proper diet. I love music a lots and love to sing too. She believes in unique style statement. And her personal believe is that “when you look beautiful hamesha you are more confident within.”


  1. Looks great.. 😀

  2. seems great night cream 🙂

  3. it looks nice but I don’t use fairness products

  4. I was on a lookout for a night cream. Thanks for this one.

  5. wow thats a good one 🙂

  6. Thanks Girls :*
    yup its a very nice and mild cream

  7. Looks like a nice creaamm!

  8. yeassss sweeethrt

  9. This Optimals white night cream comes in my favorite list among the all the Oriflame products that I’ve used so far. I’m using it since long and i can really feel the difference on my skin. Unlike other whitening products, it delivers what it claims. Just try it gals, you will not be disappointed with the results it deliver 🙂

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