Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil Review

Hello Cuties 🙂 Today is my post about Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil Review. I have love and hate relationship with oriflame products hahahah jokes apart. So basically Coconut oil is rich in antioxidant Vitamin E, it penetrates the hair shaft and deeply hydrates. It also smooths, strengthens, helps protect against damage and has anti-dandruff properties, leaving hair shiny and soft. I know coconut oil contains so many benefits for hair and one more thing I am super obsessed with coconut oil so when one of my oriflame member friend told me about Oriflame coconut oil, I immediately placed an order for it so lets check my review on Oriflame Coconut Oil.

Oriflame Coconut Oil Review

I love using pure coconut oil. earlier I have used Dabur pure coconut oil and I was so happy to use that. So after finished that bottled I thought lets try another brands coconut oil. Pure coconut oil is multi-user for me like I use coconut oil as a body lotion or as lip balm, for my dark circles for more you can check this use post too. so how this Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil worked for me lets check

Oriflame Nature Coconut hair Oil

Price of Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil : Rs.150/- for 100 ml

Ingredients and direction for use :

Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with Coconut Oil price

Smell : vanila

Color : transparent

Shelf Life : 24 months

Oriflame Coconut Oil Review

What Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil Claims


Oriflame Nature Hair Oil Packaging

Oriflame Nature Hair Oil withCoconut Oil swatch

My experience with Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil

Oriflame coconut oil comes in a plastic white bottle which is opaque packaging with a screw cap. The cap is a transparent and needs to be screwed in a few times to tight it completely. Personally I preferred a flip cap as it is more user friendly and travel friendly too. The twist in cap is secure but becomes irritating with oily hands. As the bottle is just a 100 ml bottle and opaque, it is difficult to judge the quantity remaining. and this pack is not totally safe for travelling due to to its opaque packing does not makes it leak proof .

Oriflame coconut oil has a very strong coconut + Vanilla essence sweet type of smell. The smell is slightly overpowering for me but fades away after few minutes. I really hate this smell for my hair oil. The consistency of the oil same like other regular hair oil and this one is completely transparent. When you massage this oil in your hair, it nicely moisturizes your hair and does not melt further dripping down on your face. , this coconut oil does solidify in winters so again I really hate packaging of it. It’s a light oil and easily spreads into the hair. It doesn’t weigh down hair.

I apply it overnight, or sometimes one hour before washing my hair and my hair feels  smooth and glossy after every wash. It gets washed away easily with one wash of shampoo. I follow up with conditioning as usual.  I also use it as post wash sometimes to control the frizz and it doesn’t weigh down hair. I use a coin sized amount for my entire hair starting from mid length.
As per they claim its not only contain 100% of coconut oil. Its also has 3 more ingredients plus original coconut oil always smells nice so why they added so much of perfume in it , I really dont know but I hate that they used perfumed:(
Overall Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil is a decent hair oil for all types of hair but still its packing, smell and ingredient list make this hair oil NO for me.

Good about Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil

  • Affordable Hair oil
  • Light weight
  • Makes hair smooth and glossy
  • Easily rinse with water
  • controls frizz

Bad about Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil

  • I hate sweet smell of vanila for hair oil
  • Contain Paraben
  • Bad Packaging

Availability : Oriflame members

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3.5/5 ♄♄♄‹

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  1. Thanks for the review Kiran 🙂 I have been using this hair oil since past few weeks and it has done a decent job in controlling my hair fall..

  2. Omg! it consists paraben , I thought it would be something great 🙂

  3. now we have paraben in hair oil too, great 🙁

  4. parabens in oils is quite surprising 🙁

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