Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water Review

Hello friends!! How are you all? Today my post is about Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water Review. Rose water is one of the most integral ingredients in our day to day skin care routine. Rose water moisturizes and hydrates our skin. It also cleanses our skin, in fact rose water is an excellent cleanser which unclog our pores and thus helps prevent breakouts. Rose water has been used by women since ages for its ability to enhance their beauty. I love using rose water as my skin toner as it is natural and comes loaded with skin conditioning benefits.

Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water Review

Oriflame recently launched their Love Nature range. Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water contains wild rose extracts. Wild rose is loaded with Vitamin A, E and C and more than 300 different active elements. Wild rose protects our skin, moisturizes it and helps in skin regeneration. Wild rose is really good for dry skin. So friends, Let’s move on to my Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water Review to know how this rose water fared me.

Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water pack

Price of Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water : Rs.149/- for 75 ml

Direction for use : Close eyes and gently spray on face. Wipe with cotton

Ingredients :
Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water ingredients

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : colorless

Smell : subtle rose fragrance

Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water spray nozzle

What Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water claims

Easily absorbed water based toning formula that acts as a mild astringent to soothe and revitalize your skin. Infused with wild rose extracts, rich in anti oxidants, it helps protect and restore suppleness to the skin. It can be used throughout the day for an instant burst of hydration and refreshment. Aids in removing dirt accumulated on the skin.

Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water swatch

My experience with Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water

Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water comes in a beautiful transparent pink colored plastic spray bottle. The spray nozzle is well protected by a transparent plastic cap. I love spray bottles, as it is very convenient to use. You can directly spray the toner on the face or on the cotton, plus it’s totally hygienic. The bottle looks very cute and the sturdy packaging lets you carry it without any tension of leakage.

Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water smells like rose. The fragrance is subtle and pleasing. The rose water itself is colorless. I primarily use this as facial toner. I spray it on a wet cotton and wipe my face and neck. It takes to evaporate completely. Skin feels fresh and appear brighter. Skin feels moisturized, however that effect is temporary. After 30-45 minutes, there might be a stretchy feeling, especially if you have dry skin.

This?Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water is not really a great option for winter. Though it claims to hydrate skin and restore suppleness, but like I said earlier, the effect is temporary. Dry skin people won’t find it useful in winter. However, for the rest of the year, it might work well for all skin types.

Overall,?Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water is a pretty ordinary rose water. It smells beautiful, but doesn’t do anything to restore the moisture of the skin. Not a great choice for winter, if you have dry skin.

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Good about Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water

  • Cute packaging
  • Beautiful smell
  • Skin feels fresh and looks brighter
  • Pocket friendly

Bad about Oriflame Love Nature Rose Water

  • Not enough moisturizing
  • Provides temporary hydration
  • Not suitable for dry skin

Availability : easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3/5

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  1. I have used this rose water and u r right that its not for dry skin at all

  2. Looks really a great product but not satisfied as its not suitable for dry skin and guess what I have extremely extremely dry skin. Great review 🙂

  3. Thanks so much Megha 🙂 I thought it would work for dry skin but unfortunately I was wrong..

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