Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree Review

A big hello to all the readers and my fellow bloggers at BHB!!  How has your day been so far? Well mine has been busy but fun filled. I got some free time just now so thought of typing down a review for all the lovely people.  Online sales are something I always look forward to too as some of my favorite skincare and daily use makeup products are available at good discounts. As a part of a sale on Amazon, I ended up ordering the entire tea tree, love nature range from Oriflame that has been recently launched in India.

Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree Review

Today I am sharing Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree Review. Well, I do not know why but of late my skin has grown acne prone! It was never so in my teenage years and it is just beyond my understanding that why the pimples decided to invade my skin now..I mean at the age of 27 years.. who gets pimples? Whatever be the reason, I have managed to bring the issue under control but to stop the pimples to cropping back, I being extra careful about keeping my skin fresh and oil free. Regular readers at BHB must be aware that Tea Tree oil is a wonderful ingredient that removes excess oils and has anti bacterial properties proving itself as a great help against acne.Read more about this toner below in Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree Review.

pack 2, Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree Review

pack 3, Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree Review

Price of Oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Face Toner : Rs.329/- for 150 ml

Directions of use : After cleansing your face, apply with a clean cotton pad with upward strokes in a circular motion to remove residues of face wash and prevent the pores from getting clogged.

Ingredients : 

pack 1, Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree Review

Shelf life : 36 months/3 yrs

Colour : Light Green

Smell : Crisp smell of tea tree oil

cap, Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree Review

What Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree claims

An effective astringent toner to help tighten the pores and mattify the skin. Prepares the skin for the application of the face lotion.

swatch, Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree Review

My experience with Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree

Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree comes contained in a transparent, plastic bottle that allows you to see the quantity of product. There is a white screw type cap over the bottle and a lid that has a small hole to allow the toner to get dispensed. Just invert the bottle to get the required quantity of product on a cotton wool. I wish, Oriflame took an extra step to introduce a spray nozzle. The Bottle is travel-friendly, otherwise.

The smell of Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree is fresh and crisp of tea tree oil. It is a rather medicinal smell which I like. This one is specially formulated for oily, combination and acne prone skin but since, it is not drying, I feel it would suit normal skin also.

The product does check the accumulation of oiliness on your T zone and also keeps the pores fresh, thus  reducing the formation of whiteheads and blackheads. The acne have somewhat settled, but newer ones are not appearing now. This doesn’t have parabens which is great.

Overall, I would call Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree a good toner for oily skinned ladies to use in summer. It really does make a difference to acne.

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Good about Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree

  • It does smell fresh
  • leak proof packaging
  • It does not sting my skin.
  • reduces whiteheads and blackheads
  • keeps oiliness at bay for a few hours
  • Noticeable reduction in prominence of facial pore size.
  • It’s free of parabens
  • has reduced the frequency of occurrence of fresh acne

Bad about Oriflame Love Nature Face toner Tea Tree

  • Not suitable for dry skin
  • The medicinal smell might not liked by all.

Availability : Easily available Both online and offline
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Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.5/5 ♥♥♥♥•

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  1. good review dear 🙂 I love using toners for my skin care routine 🙂

  2. lovely. even i have ordered the same. Even i started getting pimples at the age of 26 🙁 after marriage. tea tree is my secret weapon.

  3. Great review Peal. Even I use this toner. Its fantastic

  4. Need to pick it up ASAP 🙂 Thanks for the review Pearl 🙂

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