Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner Review

Hey there!! How are you doing?? After a little break, I am back with Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner Review. With every passing day we are getting busy in our day to day schedules. We try to accommodate lots of things which we want to do but rarely find time to work towards our hobbies or passion. I have even noticed girls who do not use the basic CTM routines for their skins and blame it on time. CTM is the most important process and must be done every day. Common girls we cant expect the makeup cosmetics to work wonders on the skin when the base is not maintained properly. I hope you all agree.

Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner Review

Like most of us, I too was a person who did not value toners much before a couple of years. Rose water was the only toner which I would use once in a while before that. I read about the importance of toners in lot of places and included it in my skin care regime. I had a clear skin but only my nose was rough because of the white heads. I tried doing a lot of things but couldnt succeed much. More over the treatments that I tried were not a regular one. After I started including toner, I experienced reduction in white heads which reduced to nil finally. This was amazing and since then toners have been with me no matter what. Today I am reviewing the toner which I picked up last summer. So lets get started with Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner Review.

Price of Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner : Rs.299/- for 100 ml

Direction for use :After cleansing your face, apply with a clean cotton pad with upward strokes in a circular motion to remove residues of face wash and prevent the pores from getting clogged

Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner ingredients

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : transparent

Smell : mild

Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner cap

What Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner claims

Refreshing alcohol-free skin toner to clarify and mattify your complexion. Removes excess oil and impurities leaving skin matte and perfectly clean without drying it out. Recommended for oily skin.

Reveal a lighter, matte complexion. Lighten your complexion – simply and naturally! NEW Essentials Fairness collection is designed specifically for oily skin to give it amazing fairness and freshness. A lightening solution you can rely on!

Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner swatch

My experience with Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner

We all know that toners are good our skin. I love to try out different kinds of toners to find the one that best suits me. The first thing that I was attracted to in Oriflame Essentials Fairness Balancing Toner was the beautiful greenish blue bottle of the toner and the contrasting pink cap. I was a little reluctant in the beginning when I read that its for oily skin, but the color of the bottle couldn’t keep me away. I picked it up and decided to give a try because I have mixed skin tone.

Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner has a very mild smell and it vanishes very soon and does not annoy anyone. The bottle has a stopper which has a small hole which drips out the right amount of solution every time. The consistency is watery and the toner gets quickly absorbed as soon as its applied on the skin. I have included it in the daily skin care routine for the past couple of months. My skin feels fresh and gives a clear matte finish.

I have an oily T zone, I did not see any visible reduction of white heads when I used this toner, which I did experience with other toners that I have used which are designed for oily skin. A single bottle would easily last for more than 5 months. I would say, Its a decent toner which can be given a try to see a clear fresh skin.

Overall, Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner is a light, alcohol free toner which makes the skin refreshed with its mild soothing fragrance and texture. It however does not have much effects on the white heads though but cleans the skin thoroughly though removing impurities to a great extent.

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Good about Oriflame Essentials Balancing Toner

  • Nice, soothing fragrance
  • Feels light on the skin, very suitable for summers
  • Cost effective.
  • Convenient packaging
  • Alcohol free

Bad about Oriflame Essentials Fairness Balancing Toner

  • May not work for dry skin
  • Does not have much effect on white heads

Availability : easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3.5/5

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  1. It is alcohol free but contains parabens 🙂 Overall from your review i feel its is an average toner 🙂

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