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Organicmill Eye Liner Review – An eye liner is an inevitable part of makeup essentials. Organicmill Eye Liner is a 100% chemical and preservative free, gel based liner. We look for smudge free and water resistant eyeliners but forget to recheck the formula. Whether the long shelf life provided is at the cost of our delicate eyes. Organicmill is a brand started by Mrs. Dishi Jain. She is a certified expert in Natural skincare formulations. As per the moto of this brand “be natural be safe”. All products of Organicmill are 100% organic and freshly made without any indulgence of chemicals or preservatives. Also Organicmill Eye Liner is no exception either. So Let us check the detailed post on application of Organicmill Eye Liner.

Organicmill Eye Liner Review, Organic Eyeliner, Eyeliner with SPF

Organicmill Eye Liner Review

Organicmill Eye Liner is a SPF 15, gel based and smudge-proof eyeliner. This smoothly gliding and intense black liner adds definition to the lids. Because of its soothing sandalwood oil and nourishing Almond oil based formula. Being enriched with organic ingredients, it is devoid of any chemical and preservative. Also this liner consists the goodness of nourishing Vit E, shea butter and almond oil and relaxing aloe vera and essential oils. So Let us check Organicmill Eye Liner Review below.

Price of Organicmill Eye Liner :

Rs.300/- for 10 gm

Directions for Use :

  • Store in fridge only.
  • Use with clean and dry brush.
  • Mix the eye liner well before applying with the brush. Because of preservative free it might lose texture and regain on mixing.
  • Make sure eye lids are clean and oil free.
  • Dab a compact or any primer and use as desired.
  • Avoid direct contact with dirt, water and sunlight.
  • Close the light tightly after use.

Organicmill Eye Liner direction for use, Organic Eyeliner, Eyeliner with SPF

Organicmill Eye Liner, Organic Eyeliner, Eyeliner with SPF

Organicmill Eye Liner Ingredients : Almond ash, Shea butter, Vit E, Almond Oil, Aloe vera, Essential oil.

Organicmill Eye Liner ingredients, Organic Eyeliner, Eyeliner with SPF

Shelf life : 3 months

Color : Black

Smell : Nice

Organicmill Eye Liner opening, Organic Eyeliner, Eyeliner with SPF

Organicmill Eye Liner opening 1, Organic Eyeliner, Eyeliner with SPF

What Organicmill Eye Liner claims

  • SPF 15
  • Gel based and smudge proof
  • Chemical and preservative free

Organicmill Eye Liner swatch, Organic Eyeliner, Eyeliner with SPF

Organicmill Eye Liner eye swatch, Organic Eyeliner, Eyeliner with SPF

My experience with Organicmill Eye Liner

Organicmill Eye Liner has a flat pot based packaging. Two advantages of the same. These are, there is no wastage to be caused as it does not need sharpening. Plus greater quantity is provided at a lower price. On undoing the top lid there is another stopper inside which protects the kajal from spilling out. As it is a natural product, this needs to be refrigerated to ensure sustainability of the kajal. Also being pot based one needs to take care of hygiene issues. So it is important to clean brushes prior to dipping into the product.

The consistency of Organicmill Eye Liner appears like soft paste. Post refrigeration it comes into a semi solid form. To start with, one needs to prep the eyes well. I start with cleaning the eye lids then apply aloe vera gel after that dab some loose compact powder on the area. When it comes to natural formulations, with the assurance of being safe comes a few limitations. Yes Oily lids need to be prepped extremely well with a good primer to making sure lids are completely oil free. But for better results one can apply a neutral eye shadow too. Once the base is done, one can draw and extend the eyeliner in any style. Initially it looks shiny but settles into semi matte finish after sometime.

One needs to follow one more step to get maximum out of this i.e. to let the eyeliner dry. Otherwise like any other liquid liner the excess might transfer. Also Organicmill Eye Liner has a nice black color pay off and two swipes are good enough to get desirable pigmentation. Once applied it does not sting or irritate the eyes at all. good thing is on normal to dry skin this eyeliner stays for 4 hours. Also same follows for women living in air conditioned rooms. While on oily lids, this needs to be monitored to see that the skin does not turn oily. Because that’s the only thing which makes the eyeliner smudge. Due to the same reason I skip this while I am wearing contacts. Also my lids turn greasy in sometime and it is not always possible to retouch the lids using compact.

Overall, Organicmill Eye Liner is a 100% organic, preservative and chemical free, gel based eyeliner enriched with eye nourishing ingredients. A semi matte, regular black, everyday wear liner which stays put (on normal to dry lids) for 4 hours without smudging making it safe for eyes and all that at a budget friendly price.

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Good about Organicmill Eye Liner

  • Completely preservative and chemical free
  • Has an organic ingredient list
  • SPF 15 and gel based formula
  • Black color pay off
  • Semi matte finish
  • Smooth texture as promised
  • Stays put for 4 hours on normal to dry lids
  • Does not irritate eyes
  • Budget friendly

Bad about Organicmill Eye Liner

  • Being natural it has a few limitations like takes some time to set and needs retouching on oily lids.
  • Short shelf life but this is true for every natural products.

Availability : Online

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