You Have Oily Skin and You are Eating These Foods

You have Oily Skin and You are Eating These Foods – Hi Beauties! If You Have Oily Skin and You are Eating These Foods, then this post is for you. What should you eat and what shouldn’t? When you are blessed or I may say cursed with oily skin you have to take care of a lot of things. Along with your oily skin come a number of other issues too. Oily skin people have more of blackheads and acne issues. Also, you all might know that oily skin secrets sebum which makes your face greasy. Adding to this oily skinned people easily get perspired too. Well, some of you might have oily skin through genetics. But in today’s case pollution and lifestyle changes can make your skin oily too. And among these lifestyle changes food is a major thing. There are a number of foods which are a strict no-no for oily skin, whereas there are number of other foods which are highly recommended. So, refer the list given below to know if You Have Oily Skin and You are Eating These Foods.. should you or should not?

You have Oily Skin and you are Eating these Foods

You Have Oily Skin and You are Eating These Foods

What should Oily Skinned Beauties Eat?

Water : Water is the miracle drink. Everyone who dreams of having a great skin should drink water. What water does for oily skin is that it washes away the oils from your face and body and thus you are left with fresh glowing skin.

Fiber : The foods which oily skin people eat should be rich in fiber. Fiber absorbs the essential nutrients from your body and is also known to flush out the toxins out of your body. So, try to eat foods which are rich in fiber like brown breads, oats, corn and citrus fruits.

oily skinned beauties eat

Cucumber : We all know that cucumber is highly rich in water. But other than that it is also rich in anti-oxidants which rehydrates your skin. Try eating cucumbers raw and you will be able to enjoy your fresh looking clear skin in no time.

Grape fruits : Oily skin people should eat grape fruits. Grape fruits are rich in fiber and water content both. but they also have an additional vitamin C which is really great for oily skin. Grape fruits helps you to flush out the toxins and decrease oil secretion which will give you a much younger and fresh looking skin.

Omega 3 fatty acids : Do you know that omage 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties? They are too good for oily skinned beauties. Try eating more and more avocado, soya beans, nuts, salmon and likewise.

What Oily Skinned Beauties should not Eat ?

Enriched flour : Enriched flour is found in pastas, cereal, breads, baked foods which are generally devoid of fiber and other nutrients. They secrete more oil making your skin more greasy and thus oily. So enriched flour is a big NO for oily skin people.

Salty snacks : Salty snacks have too much of sodium content which causes inflammation which is not good for oily skin. So, try to avoid baked biscuits, chips and likewise.

Oily Skinned Beauties should not Eat

Fatty meat : Fatty meat increase the cholesterol content in your body. thus, adding some extra kilos and lots of fat and oil to your skin. So, oily skin people should avoid porks, meats, lamb, ham and likewise.

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Dairy products : I know you all might be thinking that WHAT? Dairy products have all the goody goody things. But do you know that milk or any kind of dairy product actually accelerates your acne and so they are a strict no-no for oily skin.

Added sugars : Food products which have more sugars causes increase in oil secretion. They can make your face much more greasy and oily. Thus, oily skin beauties need to limit consumption of foods and drinks which are high on sugar content.

So, that was a complete diet chart for oily skin. So if You Have Oily Skin and You are Eating These Foods, are you doing right or wrong? Check out right now!! Let me know if you can add any more food products in the comments down below.

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  1. Absolutely agree that oily skin should not eat such foods, will try to control my urge for fast food and make more of healthy choices 🙂

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