O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Review

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Review – Hi everyone! After a short gap, I am back with another review and this time it is O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Review. I love using face masks, as they are like all-in-one skin care treatment. Though I mostly prefer home made masks, but due to time constraint I have to go with ready-made store bought face masks. These days I am going to office regularly and despite using sunscreen, there’s no escape from little bit tanning. So I have started using this O3+ Skin Whitening Mask, which I received in my April 2016 Fab Bag.

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Review

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Review

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask is specially meant for normal to dry and matured skin. Apart from pigmentation control, this mask also promises to give a youthful appearance. This mask is infused with Vitamin C and active ingredients from natural botanical extracts and essential vitamins which aid in skin whitening. Due to constant sun exposure, my skin has developed a few sun spots lately and I wanted something that would work both on my dark spots and tanning, as well as even out my skin tone. O3+ Skin Whitening Mask  slows down the melanin production and thus helps in reviving complexion and skin brightening. So check out below my O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Review to find out how it fared for me.

Price of O3+ Skin Whitening Mask :

Rs.775/- for 50 gm

Directions for use :  Apply the mask evenly on the face and leave it undisturbed for 15 minutes. Now gently wipe of the mask with a wet towel.

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Ingredients : Not possible to click photo because of the tiny packaging

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask, O3+ Skin Whitening Mask Review

Shelf life : 24 months

Color : white

Smell : not bothersome

What O3+ Skin Whitening Mask claims

Whitening Mask is infused with Vitamin C and active ingredients from natural botanical extracts and essential vitamins that help in whitening the skin

My experience with O3+ Skin Whitening Mask

I had received a sample size (10 ml) of this O3+ Skin Whitening Mask in my April Fab bag. It has a small squeeze tube packaging with screw open lid. The lid is black in color, while the tube is white. Under the lid, there is a tiny hole which squeezes out just the required amount of product. The tube is pretty sturdy and hence, completely travel friendly.

The mask is white in color and has thick, creamy consistency. It has mild smell which is almost unnoticable. Due to its thick consistency, O3+ Skin Whitening Mask is very easy to apply. I usually apply a thick layer of the mask on the face and leave it for 15 minutes as recommended. It doesn’t dry out like most of the face packs or masks. However, removing the face mask is little difficult. It doesn’t get washed off easily with water, so I remove it first with a cotton pad and then use water on my face.

Post wash, my face looks clearer, healthier and glowing. I have used the O3+ Skin Whitening Mask 3-4 times so far and I can see it has lightened up my dark spots and also reduced the tan. My face now looks a lot more even toned. I had light tan which is almost gone now, though the spots haven’t faded away completely. However I believe they will be gone too with continued use.

O3+ Skin Whitening Mask has certainly brightened up my complexion, but I haven’t yet noticed any improvement in my skin texture. But no complains, as it is a ‘skin whitening’ mask and it doesn’t claim to work on this. I am planning to buy a big tub once this tiny tube gets over.

Overall, O3+ Skin Whitening Mask does what it claims to do. It works effectively on reducing tan, sun spots, acne marks and brighten up the skin tone. Do give it a try if you are suffering from any of these skin concerns or simply want a radiant, bright complexion.

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Good about O3+ Skin Whitening Mask

  • Makes skin radiant
  • Reduces tan and dark spots
  • Face looks even toned
  • Doesn’t dry out skin
  • Doesn’t irritate skin

Bad about O3+ Skin Whitening Mask

  • A little pricey
  • Taking it off is difficult

Availability : online

BeautifulHamesha Rating : 4/5

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  1. I just bought dis product…. coz I used o3+ whitening face wash n it was really suitable n good for me! 🙂
    So thats y I decided 2 try this…

  2. sounds like a good product…try this soon

  3. Wow. I will definitely try this.

  4. This one has taken me by surprise…a must hav for me 🙁

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