O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens Review

Hello Girls 🙂 I’ve been wearing normal contact lenses for over 7 year now. I recently tried out a very popular Korean lenses brand O-Lens. O-Lens is now easily available in India too. O-Lens has over 150 nos. of shops in all over S.Korea and have exported to USA, UAE, Europe, many countries. O-Lens tag line is “Unlimited Eye-Styling Creator” because They suggest total beauty styling to customers. This is the first time I am using color contact lenses. I am so excited to share my overall views with O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens. So lets move on and check my review on O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens.

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact LensO-Lens gives you so much fun for selecting lens. So As per my medium skin tone I choose Brown contact lenses. Brown color concept is elegance which gives calm and luxurious looking to uses which also very matched with my look. By the way they Have Blue, Green, Brown, Pink, Grey, Natural Gray and sky gray. If you have bright and fair complexion then I would suggest you green and Blue color contact lenses. Even Grey color contact lenses also attracting me because I found this color so unique and cool to look little different as from normal daily look.

Price of O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens : Rs. 1,690.00

Specifications of O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens

Diameter : 14.0 mm

G.Diameter : 13.4 mm

Duration : 6 month

Contains : 2 Lenses per package

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens Review

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens Pack

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens contain

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens case

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens looks

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens comes in a cute vintage looking box .The lenses are sealed in a temporary lenses case in solution and O-Lens India provides a super cute white and pink case (free) with the purchase. The lids always screw on perfectly aligned, The case does have the markings L and R out side the container though.

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color case

My Experience with O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens

The lenses are thin and feel so comfortable on the eyes. I wear contact lenses for around 10-14 hours every day but The hydration level is sufficient and I do not find my eyes feeling dry/itchy/uncomfortable. And most of this time is spent in front of a laptop screen but I do not experience any strain on my eyes because of these lenses. The natural fatigue that one may experience after long hours in front of the computer is there but I feel that when I’m wearing my glasses too.

I had given them my specifications and the lenses arrived as per the instructions. The vision is accurate- another reason why they feel very comfortable on the eyes.

The size of the lens is regular and these do not provide any enlargement to the iris. I happen to have slightly smaller irises naturally so for my eyes, they do provide a little bit of enlargement. The diameter is the regular 14.0 mm (the minimum available).

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens on my eyes 

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens on me

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color lense

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown Color Contact Lens on me

Brown Color lenses on my Black eyes 

These are essentially Brown colored lenses and they look so beautiful after applying them on normal black eyes. The inner most part is a muted yellow brown shade and an outer one shade ring is a darker grey. The overall effect is quite natural, of course one would be able to tell these are contact lenses but they do not look jarringly fake or scary! Brown color lenses are the easiest to wear as compare to blue and green. I expected these to look much more stark on me but I was quite surprised that they looked quite beautiful. The color change is perceptible on my naturally dark black eyes, but the brown makes it easier to wear.

O-Lens India Jenith 3 Brown

About O-lens

O-Lens’ is the premium cosmetic contact lens brand that creates unlimited eye-styling with unique & various designs of color contact lens. O-lens itself is the world first & best eye-beauty trend creator for those who wants to be “different me”.

O-lens design center located in South Korea is specialized in creating the most attractive design, luxurious packages and eye-catching contents which makes O-lens world best color contact lens brand.

O-Lens has adopted one of the newest material for soft lens named Silicone-Hydrogels which provides more oxygen to your eye while you are wearing lenses. Another advanced material we are using is called PC (Phosphorylcholine), the material that is used for cardiovascular surgical.
This PC material is biocompatible and contains plenty of water giving so much comfortable experience to users.

O-lens.co.in offers its customers a unique price by NOT charging any shipping costs for purchased lens. You will receive O-Lens™ color contact lenses at the same price, no matter your cities of residence in India.

Delivery times will vary depending on your location. The average delivery time to all over India is within 7days excluding weekends and holidays.

Payments can be made by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) or debit card or Net banking. Internet payment transactions are performed in Safe Mode SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and are made through Paytm the India leader in on-line payment gateway.

For more check below url ⇓⇓⇓


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  1. wow dear u eyes killing us 🙂 mind blowing

  2. Truly u r so beautiful 🙂 these lenses looking pretty on u 🙂 u r true fan

  3. Kiran omg how u manged to look beautiful every time 🙂 please give me some tips 🙂

  4. wow these lenses suiting u nicely 🙂 i will check the site

  5. Looking beautiful 🙂

  6. u look so adorable.your skin is super glowy

  7. Awesome! They look so very natural. Infact, I don’t think anyone can tell that its contacts..

  8. Hi Kiran, as I’m also your big fan, it’s really glad to see your beauty review 🙂 Your elegance look and brown color is perfectly matched. Glam up everyday with Jenith 3color♥

  9. These lenses look so natural…very nice ?

  10. The contacts look great… when I used them years ago I had purple ones I loved… they were amazing ♡

  11. I love the packaging for this brand! So elegant and pretty.

    xx Yasmin

  12. Margaret Dallospedale

    Hi babe, this review is so interesting and helpful.
    and your looking gorgeous as usual
    Cool products

  13. Hey Kiran! The packaging looks so adorable! You look great wearing them! 🙂

  14. I’ve never tried coloured contact lens. But these do look nice.

  15. O-lens ?? so beautiful, nice color! i want to try this.

  16. Years ago I used to wear contact lenses, then got fed up of the pain that comes when you wear them for long hours at a stretch. And then I decided to get a lasik done…its expensive but have permanent results.. but then surely it cant give the desired eye color 🙂

    • In fact I am also thinking for laser but still scared of it so lets see 🙂

      But I am so happy to have these color contact lenses 🙂

  17. The lens looks amazing on you! Would love to try them some day! 🙂

  18. Omgsh you found such a perfect shade ……. and it looks super awesome on you <3 <3

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