Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal Review

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal Review – As our eyes are extremely delicate its important to use makeup which is safe and free from preservatives. Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal is completely free of paraben and any kind of preservative. When it comes to buying skin care or hair care, we make sure to handpick products which are organic and preservative free but when it comes to makeup we do not hold similar concerns. Last month I ran out of my kajal and while looking for a new one, my search ended with the newly launched Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal. Read on to know more about it.

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal Review

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal Review

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal is a dermatologically and opthalmologically tested luxe gel finish kajal in the form of a pencil. To ease creation of dramatic eyeliner flicks, this has a creamy and no tug texture. Plus blackest black pigment makes this a winning combination. Its smudge proof and waterproof formula helps the kajal stay put all day long that too in the form of intense dark lines. Apart from this one, recently Nykaa has launched Nykaa Black Magic liquid liner and Nykaa Rock the Line Kajal. Coming back to today’s topic check out my Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal Review below.

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal pencil with sharpener

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal

Price of Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal :

Rs.375/- for 1.2 gm

Directions for Use : Outline the eye lid and water line and create any desired pattern

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal Ingredients :
Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal ingredients

Shelf life : 2 and half years

Color : Black Knight 001

Smell : None

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal tip

What Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal claims

  • Intense black color
  • Super long stay
  • One stroke application
  • Soft and creamy core for easy application
  • Excellent and even color pay off
  • Suitable as eye liner and kajal

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal claims

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal swatch

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal eye swatch

My experience with Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal

Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal comes along a free sharpener. One needs to keep sharpening the kajal with time and again as it comes in a pencil form. Although the product is soft, it does not break easily if sharpened with care.  Also the German precision sharpener has a stick tucked inside which helps to clean the blade after every use plus no worries of losing it as it has a place to be put back.

The shade as the name says is jet black. Yes, as claimed Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal has darkest black pigments and pays off maximum color in one stroke itself. Super smooth, soft and creamy consistency makes it easy to glide on without any unnecessary pulling or tugging of lids. Also it is easy to draw any desired pattern with this hassle free kajal as it does not sting the eyes at all. As the sharpener is apt, it does not cut the pencil unnecessarily or cause extra wastage.

When it comes to performance I have mixed feelings. Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal gives a satin finish but does not survive long. A gel liner is supposed to stay long enough but this one hardly stays puts up for 3-4 hours or less on oily lids. This will be disappointing to some as the price quoted is slightly less than other gel liners but then it is preservative and paraben free. Most natural liners have this issue of not being completely smudge proof and water proof.

After a few hours, Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal smudges from the lower lash line and looks messy. Unlike Maybelline gel liner which stays in place even with touching in between, this does not. However I do not completely abstain this one unless one has oily lids or watery eyes. Living up to its description, it actually helps in smoky eye makeup look as it does not set immediately. One can use a smudger brush and create a soft look too.

Overall Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal is a preservative and paraben free, blackest black, soft textured kajal. A satin finish and gel based formula again adds to its popularity while comparatively low staying power is the only con which one has to put up with to enjoy using a safe and environment friendly product.

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Good about Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal

  • Jet black and intense as promised
  • Preservative and paraben free
  • Dermatologically and opthalmologically tested
  • Satin finish and gel based formula
  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • Easy to sharpen and use
  • Creates smoky eye look with ease

Bad about Nykaa EyeM Black Gel Kajal

  • Smudges from the waterline
  • Not completely waterproof and smudge proof like other gel liners
  • Not for oily lids and watery eyes

Availability : Exclusively at Nykaa

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 3.5/5 (plus .5 for preservative and paraben free formula)

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