Nude Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tone

Hello girls! Today my post is about Nude Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tone. Nude makeup or natural makeup is makeup that doesn’t look made up at all. During summer, most of us prefer nude makeup or natural makeup. Nude makeup is also great for everyday makeup look as well as for office, brunch or coffee date. Nude makeup is all about showing off our natural beauty and with a few makeup items, we can achieve a polished, glamorous and flawless natural or nude makeup look. It is super easy to achieve and you don’t even need too much time. Nude makeup, when done perfectly, gives a beautiful natural glow to the skin which no one can ignore. And trust me girls, that glow is not too hard to achieve. So lets start with Nude Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tone.

Nude Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tone

Nude Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tone

Step 1

Like any other makeup look, start with cleansing and moisturizing. Go for an oil free moisturizer so that your face doesn’t look oily afterwards.

Step 2

Nude makeup is all about creating flawless base. So start with a lightweight foundation. Or else, you can go with any tinted moisturizer or BB cream or CC cream. Make sure to blend it well to get the flawless look. Now use concealer on the blemishes and around your eyes. Now seal the makeup with compact.

Step 3

Moving on to eye makeup, applying eye liner and kajal on the lash line and waterline is purely optional. They can often give a look of slightly made-up. So I would suggest you to go with mascara and eye shadow. Nude eye makeup requires nude eye shadows. Choose nude pinks, nude browns or any other nude shade you love. Apply the shadow on the eyelid and a bit under under the waterline to highlight the eye area. Blend well. Now curl the lashes with eyelash curler and apply 2-3 coats of mascara.

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Step 4

Next apply blush. Use nude peach blush for sexy, glowing cheeks. Opt for creamy blush if you want a dewy look, or else go with a powder blush. Don’t apply blush and bronzer both, use any one of them.

Simple tips on Nude Makeup for Indian Skin Tone

Step 5

Lastly, its time for lip makeup. To achieve the perfect nude makeup, apply nude lip colors like peach or nude pink or any lip color that’s close to your natural lip color. For long lasting lipstick, first fill your lips with a nude hued lip liner and then apply the lipstick. Alternatively, you can go with sheer lip glosses as well.

And now look at that beautiful finish you got there! With this glowing, flawless face, you are now ready to take on the world. Create a look using these Nude Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tone?and let me know how it turned out 🙂

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