Nomarks Cream Review

Nomarks Cream Review – I have oily skin though not acne prone but sometimes I suffer from pimples. I have some acne scars and other marks on my face so I wanted to buy a cream that will reduce the marks of my face. I bought Nomarks cream specially made for oily skin. Did it work for me? Want to know then read on 🙂

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Net vol: 12 gm for Rs. 45/-

 indian beauty blog, swatch, riview blog, nomarks, Nomarks cream review, for pimples, for acne, pimple, acne, cream

Directions to use: For best results, apply Nomarks cream on clean face 2-3 times a day. For best cleansing action use Nomarks Face Wash.

Color of product: Peach

Smell: Something like amla

Shelf Life: 24 months

 indian beauty blog, swatch, riview blog, nomarks, Nomarks cream review, for pimples, for acne, pimple, acne, cream

What Nomarks Cream claims

Young skin is prone to pimples. This is due to high oil secretion, hormonal changes and environmental stress. Pimples on drying often leave marks requiring special care. 100% natural actives, antibacterial and antioxidants present in Nomarks Cream penetrate deeper layers of skin to prevent marks and occurrence of pimples. Regular full-face application results in pimple-marks free glowing fairness.

Feel about Nomarks Cream

The cream comes in various variants and size; I bought the smallest to test. The cream comes in a green tube, smaller than my palm. It’s very tiny so it won’t occupy much space in your bag or vanity and you can easily carry it with you. The cream is peach in color and has a mild smell; I think its amla smell but not sure. If you have sensitive nose than you might not like it but I don’t have any problem, the smell fades away after 15 minutes of application.

Now coming to the claims, I am using this cream since one and half month and I can say that the claims are true. Yes, this cream faded my marks and not-so-stubborn blemishes and I am really happy. It is also moisturizing and also balances oil content of my face. The texture is very creamy so little goes long way, spreads evenly on face. Though, stubborn marks are still there but I am happy with the results.

The cream is quite good and it dint break me out. For dry skin girls, there are other variants also available. The cream is small in size and it last for 15 days when you use it twice a day. It also claims to give fairness, but there is no effect like this and I was also not expecting fairness. According to me fairness is not important, you should have clean and clear complexion. So, overall I am happy with cream and if you are finding ways to fade your acne spots or marks then you should definitely give this a try.

Pros of using Nomarks Cream

  • Affordable
  • Natural ingredients
  • Worked well on blemishes
  • Easy to carry
  • Gives clear glowing face
  • Not greasy
  • Moisturizes well

Cons of using Nomarks Cream

  • Did not fad my stubborn marks

Availability: Easy!



Fashion and beauty rating: 4.5/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥•

By Mansi

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Mansi Chauhan is living in New Delhi with her parents and siblings. Currently she is doing Engineering but at the same time she is freelance content writer. She love writing on makeup and fashion. She is also a “yoga person” and strongly believe that people should do some kind of fitness daily. She is in the makeup and fashion field since 2 years and hope to grow more here. She would love to share her knowledge with people and would love to contribute it via her writings.


  1. Sounds interesting …. 🙂 Nice one.. 😀

  2. Where can I buy these? Please email me .

  3. I have an oily skin which had many acne breakouts when the acne dried up it left alot of marks on my face I tried many products which did not work for me.One day as I was at a supermarket this product ‘bajaj no marks for oily skin’ caught my eye I read the ingredients and decided to give it a try to be honest it really helped me I bought another tube and continued using until it faded my marks.I am happy about no marks products right now I am using their apricot face scrub and it’s of great help.the neem face wash did not work well with my skin as it is made for normal skin.

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