No-accessory Look Trend

These days no-accessory look seems to be quite the hit. Every where its in trend if its also on and off runway. Be it on the ramps in India or at international fashion events, interesting  smart layered clothing or collar cuts seem to do the trick. and the fashionist as think this is a welcome trend.

No-accessory Look Trend

This new trend not only for western outfit.

Here Priyanka Chopra flouting colorful sari did the talking, sans any statement pieces around the neck or the ears. This look was hailed by all, for it let the clothes do the talking, without any over-the top gimmicks.

No-accessory Look

Makeup for No-accessory Look Trend –

When Accessories on break then makeup needs to stand out for you. So good makeup only trick, Not over do it but need good shades of lipstick or eye make up. Too many accessories can make you looks made up. According to beauty experts, nicely done makeup will go well with any outfit. Most actresses are also focusing on this look these days.

No-accessory fashion

Outfit For No-accessory Look Trend

For this look need Interesting collars with embellishments and embroidery types dress. Even a monochrome dress and Collars dress also makes statement for this look. Make sure it has everything that is needed to bring out the sparkle in you. When wearing something that has a lot of bling, the no-accessory look would be the best.

Hairstyles for No-accessory Look Trend

Many of not comfortable with makeup they prefer simple look for them experimenting with their hair style is the best way. A high pony tail, a Victorian style updo can gives you best No-accessory Look Trend

No-accessory fashion trend

Minimal No-accessory Look Trend

No-accessory means not to wear any accessory. A watch, belt, clutch or just a studded ring can keep give it simple No-accessory Look. So, stand out with a statement accessory that goes with the outfit.

Footwear for No-accessory Look Trend

Every outfit need right footwear and same formula for this trend also choose footwear which goes well with outfit. Just need to wear a pair of catchy footwear with a simple attire. However, it should not dominate or overpower this look

No to accessory Look Trend

So girls go with this trend  🙂 and also share which celebrity look best in No-accessory Look Trend 🙂

Hope you like it

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  1. this is my all time favourite style. though with less makeup and dark shades. ( momma cribs of me being tomboy)

  2. Interesting one:) kareena n anushka looks best I think ….great review dear 🙂

  3. unique concept kiran!

  4. good write up..I like Sonam..every type of makeup suits her… 🙂

  5. The no accessory look is very common for me. My mom calls it laziness 😀
    My earhole has almost closed quite a few times because I didn’t wear earring for months together.

  6. Saniya@beautynbuzz

    I belive no accessory no fun :/ I cant head out without my accessories 😉

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