Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant Review

Hello everyone! Today my post is about Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant Review. We use deodorant all year along, but in summer they are the must. Summer means sweaty armpits, body odor and a good deodorant is a must to get rid of them. Now there are hundreds of deodorant are available in the market these days, but most of them contains alcohol. Alcohol in deodorant can cause dryness and skin irritation. We normally use deodorants quite a few times a day, so its never a good idea to let our skin come in contact with alcohol so many times. Recently, Nivea has come up with Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant, which has 0% alcohol.

Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant Review

Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant is an aluminium (ACH) and alcohol free formula that provides gentle care to the sensitive underarm area and provide long lasting protection from unpleasant body odor. The formula combines the nourishing care and the amazing scent of Nivea cream along with deodorant protection. This new Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant claims to provide 48 hrs protection against body odor. I have been using this deodorant since past few days and I think this is the right time to share my experience with you all. So lets check out my Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant Review below.

Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant packaging

Price of Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant : Rs.199/- for 150 ml

Directions for use :

Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant direction for use

Ingredients : Not possible to click picture because of the packaging

Shelf life : 36 months

Color : Colorless

Smell : Smells like Nivea creme

Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant cap

What Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant claims

The new Nivea protect and care deodorant and roll on provides effective day long odor control while protecting delicate underarm skin with effective presence of Nivea creme ingredients.

Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant claims

My experience with Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant

Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant has blue colored packaging. It comes in a cylindrical container. The spray nozzle in well protected by a semi transparent blue cap. The cap sits tightly and the spray works perfectly. Overall, a totally travel friendly packaging.

Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant smells like our good ol’ Nivea creme. I just love its fragrance. The deo is in liquid form and naturally its pretty wet. However, once applied, it dries out fast and so, no sticky armpits. It gives a fresh and comfortable feeling along with that amazing scent of Nivea creme.

Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant gives me dry and soft underarms. I find my underarms less sweaty, when I use this. It keeps the underarms dry, but not dehydrated. This Nivea Deodorant contains extra nourishing ingredients which gives you softer and more hydrated armpits. The staying power is also great. Once applied, it keeps sweat at bay for almost a day. I apply this deodorant in the morning at around 9:00 or 9:30 while getting ready for office and when I come back at almost 9 pm, I can still smell it. It gives me odor free and sweat free underarms.

The best part is this Nivea deodorant doesn’t  give any burning sensation. Being alcohol free, its gentle on skin and completely safe to use. I must say its doing a pretty good job for me.

Overall, I am very happy with Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant. It has my favorite Nivea smell and its extra nourishing ingredients result in sweat free, softer underarms for an entire day. Do give it a try girls!

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Good about Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant

  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Amazing smell
  • Long lasting protection
  • Keeps body odor at bay for almost a day
  • Dry, soft underarms
  • Less sweat
  • Contains no alcohol and aluminium (ACH)

Bad about Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant

  • Nothing

Availability : online

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 5/5

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  1. i am not a deo girl…but the very few deos which i have used is from Nivea only….

  2. I have used this..loved the fragrance.

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