Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm Review

Hi everybody πŸ™‚ Back with a new post this time – Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm Review. Having forayed into various personal care products for skin care ranging from lip balms to body butters, from moisturizers to lotions, Nivea is a brand that needs no introduction to an Indian user. Having tried Nivea smooth sensation moisturizing souffle and emerging satisfied with it, I was naturally gung-ho about its range of lip balms. I tired a tinted lip balm earlier from its range of lip balm- Nivea fruity shine cherry and was okay with it if not on cloud nine. For a change, I wanted to shift to a non-tinted lip balm and since I had a nice experience with Nivea so why not get one from the same? πŸ™‚

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm Review

To rejuvenate my lips from the vagaries of Delhi’s perishing winters, I purchased Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm after reading ample rave reviews of the same online. It’s been over two weeks of using this lip balm so that calls for a blow-by-blow evaluation of it. Doesn’t it? πŸ™‚ Anyway, let’s begin with the Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm Review and see whether it deserves a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’ πŸ™‚

Price of Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm : Rs.100/- for 4.8 g

Directions for use:Apply on lips as often as desired.

Ingredients : Not mentioned.

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

Shelf life : 2 years

Color : white

Smell : Mild, pleasant and sweet.

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm cap

What Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm claims

Provides long-lasting care and protection. Effectively help protect your lips from drying in any weather. Leaves the lips soft and smooth.

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm swatch

My experience with Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm Review

Packed in a traditional ‘lipstick-style’ packaging that is, with a blue-colored cap and a retractable tube inside, the packaging of Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm is hygienic, easy to carry, henceforth, travel-friendly. Since the cap is quite sturdy, it won’t fall off easily. So, it is spillage-free. In terms of overall packaging, I find it up to the mark.

The texture is creamy and since the aroma is mild as well as pleasant, if you close your eyes while applying it, you’ll feel as if you are daubing vanilla chunks on your lips πŸ™‚ Just resist the temptation to lick it πŸ™‚ Naturally, Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm glides effortlessly on your lips. It doesn’t feel very greasy or heavy unless you swipe it a number of times. In fact, two-three swipes are more than sufficient to elicit a good coverage. The staying power is praiseworthy. It stayed well in place while keeping my lips moisturised for at least 3 hours that too during Delhi’s perishing winters. I think it has the ability to keep those lips which are in dire need of moisturization well-hydrated for long that is, it is suitable for dry and parched/extremely dry lips.

As far as its tint is concerned,Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm is completely non-tinted/colorless. So, it won’t hide/cover/conceal any sort of pigmentation-minor or major. If flaunting pink lips is your agenda, then this balm won’t be of much use to you but if your priority is to hydrate your lips then this lip balm can fulfill that need or exigency depending on your lips πŸ™‚

After a few days of usage, my lips have softened a lot in spite of not being chapped. More importantly, even after 3 hours, my lips feel well-moisturized for at least the next half an hour. However, please do not get carried away while using it. When swiped a lot, it may leave a white cast on your lips.

Given the price and quantity, Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm works exceedingly well to hydrate chapped lips and soften them overtime.

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Good about Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

  • Well priced
  • Easily available
  • Excellent moisturization ability
  • Long-lasting staying power
  • Regular usage treats chapped lips
  • Softens lips
  • Suitable for use during harsh winters

Bad about Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

  • No tint or color imparted
  • If swiped in excess, can leave a white layer/cast on lips. That’s temporary though!
  • Ingredients’ list isn’t furnished.

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.5/5

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  1. I love this lip balm. it is perfect for winters. i used to wear this as a base under lipstick.

    • It’s really deeply hydrating. Had it been slightly tinted it would have been the best πŸ™‚ Anyway, for hydration it is unparalleled in the category.

  2. I too have used this lip balm and its one of the best in Nivea range…

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