Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette Review

[kkstarratings]Hello girls 🙂 Any makeup look is incomplete without a nice eye makeup and a kiss of blush. I wanted to buy a palette with good quality, decent price and shades that would go with formals as well as party wears and last but not the least It should be handy and easy to carry. This one fulfilled all the points on my checklist 🙂 Read Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette Review to know more about the Nicka Color Eye shadow.
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Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette Review

Price of Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette

2.5 dollars that makes it almost INR 1…what more can we ask for!!

Direction for using Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette

directly apply on prime done eye

Key Ingredients of Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette

Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette


Shelf Life of Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette

Not mentioned

Smell of Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette

no particular smell

Color of  Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette

The palette I presently own has very wearable shades of pink, mauve and silver. Below, are the pictures of swatches for you, to have a look. Shades of pink can double up as a eye shadow as well as eye shadow.

Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow

What Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette claims

Nicka K Absolute 5 Eye shadow Palette makes it easy to achieve a gorgeous, put-together look. Made with rich pigments, our palette offers five. Universally flattering colours, designed to perfectly highlight, contour and define.

 Similar sets are available in 10 shades, 18 shades also…

Eye shadow Palette Review

Feel about Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette

This eye shadow comes in a cute, square, plastic case. The case has a see through lid. It closes tight making the product very travel friendly. There a small double sided brush available with the pack to use it as eyeshadow. The brush provided is of average quality. However, you will have to carry your own brush if you want to use it as a blush. It has a smooth texture and easy to apply. The compilation of colours is great as all the colours compliment each other well. Silver in the pallatte acts great as high lighter. Using a combination of dark and light shades a great eye makeup effect can be achieved.The pigmentation is great with excellent colour payoff. It is a shimmery thing with lots of shimmers
which I do not mind occasionally at least as eyeshadow. As blush however it is a personal choice..It removes easily with regular facewash. However, the shimmers are a bit stubborn, so, you might need a cleansing lotion or makeup remover. Being a US based brand, I still found it quite affordable. Similar palettes are available in copper and bronze combos also.

Good about Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette

  • Nicely Pigmented with good colour pay off
  • Ease of application
  • Budget friendly
  • Travel friendly with a very compact packing
  • All the shades complement each other well.
  • Smooth application

Bad about Nicka K 5 Color Eye shadow Palette

  • A bit too shimmery to be used as a blush. I would use all the colours as eye shadow only.

Availability – Is an issue as it is not very common in India yet. Still, you can try a good cosmetic shop or online.

Fashion and Beauty Rating  – 3.5/5  ♄♄♄‹

About Pearl

Pearl is from Delhi. She is dentist by profession and a beauty, health and wellness blogger by passion. She find writing a great way to express her thoughts. Her hobbies are shopping, writing, blogging and music. She loves to spend her free time ad mist greenery and nature. She is a die hard romantic.She is a beauty enthusiast too and likes everything about makeup and skincare. Her favorite colour is Coral pink. Her skin complexion is fair with shoulder length wavy hair. She happens to have a combination skin. She likes to keep her makeup minimal and basic and is very fond of Corals, Beige, Bronze and Mauve. Nail art is something she is very fond of too.


  1. They have too much sparkle.. 🙁

    • ya Avanti.. too much sparle but still since the colours are soft..they look fine as eyeshadow but definitely not good as a blush.

  2. Wish these were more color pigmented and less shimmery!

  3. Nice shade. But too shimmery.

  4. I agree Juthika and Sangeetha

  5. Affordable and nice colours…wish it was readily available…Nice review though 🙂

  6. good review dear 🙂

  7. Wow nice shades..if applied in moderation, will definitely look good:):)

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