New Lotus Make-Up Remover

Hello and Good Morning everyone 🙂 I am back to share another ‘New Launch’ with you all. India’s largest makeup brand Lotus Herbals has introduced an all new makeup remover – Lotus Make-Up Remover. We all know how important it is to remove makeup. It is normal to feel lazy after a long day and we often fall asleep without removing makeup properly. However this is damaging for our skin as leaving makeup overnight on our face can clog our pores and further lead to more frequent breakouts. This Lotus Make-Up Remover is totally preservative free and safe to use for our eyes, lips and face. It is enriched with comfrey and cucumber extracts, both known for their skin soothing properties.

New Lotus Make-Up Remover

New Lotus Make-Up Remover

Price of New Lotus Make-Up Remover : Rs.375/-

What New Lotus Make-Up Remover claims

  • Gentle creamy cleanser which glides over the skin smoothly
  • Removes every trace of makeup from skin
  • Suitable for removing eye makeup and safe for even contact lens wearers
  • Free from soap, alcohol, colorant and other harmful chemicals
  • Contains cucumber and comfrey extracts
  • 100% vegetarian makeup remover, free from animal ingredients and not tested on animals
  • Suitable for all skin types, safe for sensitive skin too.

One of the best thing about this New Lotus Make-Up Remover is that it is infused with cucumber and comfrey extracts. Comfrey is known for its moisturizing, soothing and healing properties. Besides, it also promotes cell growth, treats skin irritations, restore skin elasticity and reduces signs of ageing. Cucumber is a natural astringent. It takes care of oily skin and controls acne while also reduces the appearance of large pores. Cucumber is rich in Vitamin C, which is a powerful anti oxidant and keeps dark circles and freckles at bay.

I have already started looking for this New Lotus Make-Up Remover. Hopefully I will grab it soon and share my experience with all you guys. Keep an eye out!!

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