Need of Spectacles and Shades

Whatever you say, but the fashion of Bollywood comes every home without any hardships. The effect of Bollywood fashion you can see easily on youngsters. If we talk about latest fashion, the ‘chasmish look’ is a popular trend. The looks of Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor and Jacqueline was accepted by the people whole heartedly. They follow these looks crazily. If you wear spectacles or shades, you have to think about new trend and fashion. So let’s take a look at the Need of Spectacles and Shades for different purpose.

Need of Spectacles and Shades

Need of Spectacles and Shades in College or Office

Need of Spectacles and Shades, college or office

Your life is rotating around these LED screens, tablets, Smartphone and digital devices. Without these devices, your all work is incomplete. But the UV and blue rays releasing from these devices can harm your eyes. They make eyes tired. As a precaution from itching, headaches and eye fatigue, there are anti fatigue spectacles available in the market. These spectacles have anti fatigue lens which fight digital eye strain.

Need of Spectacles and Shades in Daily Life

Need of Spectacles and Shades, eyeglasses

People used to think that eyeglasses can make you look boring. That’s why they didn’t carry eyeglasses. But these days, people have become very choosy. They choose their spectacles according to their face and need. They buy stylish and cool lenses and frames and carry them in a very fashionable way. It is just because the eyeglasses have become so stylish these days. There are aviators wafers frame in eyeglasses which was only used for sunglasses previously. So now to make your eyes healthy, you don’t need to carry such heavy and easy to break old fashioned spectacles. There is a good market of spectacles which have polycarbonate lenses which is unbreakable. People who don’t want to wear full frame spectacles, can choose a rimless or three piece mounting glasses.

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Need of Spectacles and Shades as a Fashion Accessory

Need of Spectacles and Shades, as a fashion accessory

So many changes have done by the spectacles makers according to the wishes of youngsters. There are classical frames for formal looks, there is a huge color option for college going students. In these frames peacock blue, firozi, dark green and red are very trendy. Boys prefer aviator glares & girls are fond of cat-eye glares.

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Need of Spectacles and Shades as UV Proof Shades

Need of Spectacles and Shades, uv proof shades

UVA and UVB proof sunglasses are fashionable and they also make a status symbol. They give protection to your eyes and make your eyes healthy. So the demand of these sunglasses is high in the market. These glasses come with Photochromatic lens, which look normal but they change color when they come in contact with the sun. So they give a stylish look with awesome protection.

So now I hope you all have known the need of the spectacles and shades. That’s all for now, bye and take care!!!

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  1. yes, very true! even i make sure to wear my reading glasses when working on laptop and carry my shades whenever i go out in sun, as too much exposure to sun also leads to dark circles! Nice post!

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  4. Very good post, Konika!! Full marks!!????

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