Nature’s Essence Live Up Hair Shine Serum Review

Hi friends, today my post is about Nature’s essence Live up hair shine serum. I do not have experience of using many hair serums. Mostly, I just oil my hair and follow up with shampoo and conditioner. At times, I go for hair spa at home or parlor and that is pretty much it to my hair care regime. later, I noticed my sister regularly using hair serum and that kind of triggered me to buy one and try for myself. I have just given a shot to livon quite a long time back. . This time I picked up the one from Nature’s essence to find out whether it suits me or not.  I picked Nature’s essence live up hair shine serum because I wanted my hair to be a little more frizz free and manageable post wash.
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Natures Essence is having one of the most evolved product mixes with over 500 offerings from categories in skin care, hair care, body care, soaps and colour cosmetics and also masters the art of education for the practicing beauticians. These 500 products are categorized under brands Natures Essence, Coloressence, Magic, Magic Ayurveda and Nature’s Professional. Read on more to know about this product.

Price : 50 ml for Rs.120/-

Directions for using : Apply it on dry and damp hair and spread evenly using a comb or fingers. Please take an appropriate amount otherwise your hair might turn oily and would feel weighed down.

Key Ingredients :

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Shelf Life : 3 years

Color : Transparent liquid

Smell : Mild smell. I cant figure out what exactly it is like.

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What  Nature’s essence Live up hair shine serum claims

Replenishes moisture and smooths the hair cuticle and provides anti frizz effect. Ideal for better nourishment, detanges hair and induce extra ordinary sheen and lustre to chemically treated and damaged hair.

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My experience with Nature’s essence Live up Hair Shine Serum

I am new to using serum. I picked it up because I have used some Nature’s essence products and was quite happy with them. Also, Nature’s essence live up hair shine serum claimed of delivering certain things that I required. The bottle is made out of sturdy, transparent plastic. So, you can judge the amount of product left. The bottle has flip open cap. You can carry it safely in your purse. I poured some liquid on my palm. I need almost a coin sized amount for my shoulder length hair. It feels viscous. I rubbed it between my palms and then smeared it along the length of my hair. I applied Nature’s essence live up hair shine serum on my freshly washed hair while it was damp then I followed it with running a comb. It detangles hair very well. Nature’s essence live up hair shine serum has a faint smell that does not last long.

I could instantly feel that my hair turned soft and smooth and felt somewhat straighter. You have to be careful about the quantity as if you apply more than appropriate then it might weigh down your hair and make it all limpy and greasy. Nature’s essence live up hair shine serum made my hair very manageable. I could not stop touching my hair as it felt so smooth. It also seemed glossier. I have not experienced any itchy scalp, hair fall or hair thinning, what so ever, with this serum. The quantity is good for the price.

Overall, though relatively new, Nature’s essence live up hair shine serum would give a good competition to established hair serums. There is nothing bad about it.

Good about Nature’s essence Live up Hair Shine Serum

  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Smoothens hair
  • Makes hair glossy
  • Makes hair frizz free
  • Detangles hair

Bad about Nature’s essence Live up Hair Serum

  • If you use more quantity it would  make hair greasy

Availability : Is an issue. All cosmetics stores do not have it.

Fashion and Beauty Rating :  4/5  ♥♥♥♥ 

About Pearl

Pearl is from Delhi. She is dentist by profession and a beauty, health and wellness blogger by passion. She find writing a great way to express her thoughts. Her hobbies are shopping, writing, blogging and music. She loves to spend her free time ad mist greenery and nature. She is a die hard romantic.She is a beauty enthusiast too and likes everything about makeup and skincare. Her favorite colour is Coral pink. Her skin complexion is fair with shoulder length wavy hair. She happens to have a combination skin. She likes to keep her makeup minimal and basic and is very fond of Corals, Beige, Bronze and Mauve. Nail art is something she is very fond of too.


  1. seems great serum

  2. Seems to be a good product

  3. a good pick actually but its not easily available 🙂

  4. Never used them, sounds good. Nice review dear 🙂

  5. looka a good product

  6. yes all, I agree..this is worth a try girls 🙂

  7. A decent serum at a good price 🙂

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