Nail Trends 2016

Hiii everyone! Today I will talk about Nail Trends 2016. Today makeup and fashion industry is on a storm. New runaway and fashion trends are on a rise. Out of this nail trends is one of the most significant. Nail trend has witnessed a rise in past some years. I still remember earlier nail paints were only limited to bright shades like black, brown, maroon and red. But from past 3-5 years I have seen many quirky and gorgeous nail colors. And the USP is that Indian brands have also come up with very good colors. Be it in street fashion or in runaway there is a perfect nail color for every occasion. But what we have in store for 2016 is really amazing. Some really cool nail trends are on a rise. In this post we will try to find out the nail trends which will rock the fashion industry in the year 2016. So lets start with Nail Trends 2016.

Nail Trends 2016

Nail Trends 2016 – Minimalism

Nail Trends 2016 - minimum nail art

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Fashion today is all about not being loud but classy. You have to rock with minimum efforts but strike a strong chord. The same is with nails. Don’t play with too many colors and designs. Just keep it minimum.

Nail Trends 2016 – Opal Nail

Nail Trends 2016 - opal nails

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Let me tell you what opal trend is. Opal is not as strong as colombre trend but much stronger than bronde trend. It is mostly a metallic sheen with cool toned colors.

Nail Trends 2016 – Oil Effect

Nail Trends 2016 - oil effects on nails

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Another cool nail trend pf 2016. Oil effect on hairs was a trend spotted sometime back. Now, the same is with nails. Metallic finish single toned colors with effect of an dripping oil.

Nail Trends 2016 – Nude Nail Polish

Nail Trends 2016 - nude nail polish

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Nude nail trend are here to stay. This was one for summers. But the trend is rocking in winters too. Some quality and highly pigmented nude colors have been launched in the market. This days toe nails and finger nails both are sporting this trend.

Nail Trends 2016 – 3D Nail Art

Nail Trends 2016 - 3d effect on nails

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This particular nail trend is super cool. 3D effect have been rocking the industry since quite some time. We have seen 3D movies even 3D dresses. But who would have thought that 3D nail effects are also possible. Some very good 3D effects can be seen with embellishments, crystals, stones.

Nail Trends 2016 – Ballerina Nails

Nail Trends 2016 - ballerina nails

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What are ballerina nails?? Long nails with flat tip at the top are the ballerina nails. You need to apply a double coated matte finish nail colors for that strong opaque finish. You can wear both long and short ballerinas nails as per your choice.


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Nail Trends 2016 – Oval Nails

Nail Trends 2016 - oval nail

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ballerina nails are not for everyone. But oval nails are very practical and is here to stay. Short nails with rounded finish on the top are the perfect oval nails. This nail trend is here to stay. It is perfect for everyday office and even college.

Nail Trends 2016 – Holographic Nail Polish

Nail Trends 2016 - holographic nail polish

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Another nail trend which is going to rock in 2016. Single toned color on nails is a pretty cool thing. Matte finish colour without any nail art or design is perfect.

Nail Trends 2016 – Spray on Polish

Nail Trends 2016 - spray on polish

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This is one of the simpler nail art. It is quite easy to use. Take a simple spray bottle. Fill it with your favorite color. and simply spray it on your nails. It can be both in uneven pattern but looks quite natural.

Nail Trends 2016 – Bold Metallics

Nail Trends 2016 - bold metallics nail

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This is perfect for those bold party looks. Play with a single metallic color. You can further design it as per your choice.

So, this are some of my favorite Nail Trends 2016. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments down below.

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  1. I love the oil effect. It looks amazing.

  2. I loved the grey colored nail polishes Pallavi. Its really an eye candy

  3. Rashmita Rakshit

    Apart from nude nails, I like the holographic and opal nails 🙂

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