Nail Arts for Eid

Eid is arriving soon. Eid is a religious festival that is being celebrated by Muslims all over the world. On Eid celebration and all the other functions, girls want to look beautiful and attractive. That’s why these days all the woman, especially young girls are quite busy in shopping for new clothes, accessories, jewelries etc. On the occasion of Eid, young girls aspire to look as much appealing and gorgeous as they can. And just like our makeup, clothes, accessories etc, nail arts play an important role in enhancing our beauty during any occasion. These days, the popularity of nail art is increasing day by day. So let’s check out my post on Nail Arts for Eid.
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nail arts for eid

Now a days, nail art has become a trend and fashion. It is difficult to find a single girl who doesn’t love to decorate her nails as per their choice. During any festivals, girls love to do nail arts according to the theme of the festival. Nail art is a fun way of styling our nails with innovative designs. Fashion trend is changing with the time and gradually nail art has become compulsory for every occasion and celebration. There are endless designs of nail art and not only do they look fabulous, but they also add a dash of glamour to your overall personality. So check out below for some Nail Arts for Eid.

Nail Arts for Eid 1

Eid nail art 1, Nail Arts for Eid

This is a lovely nail art for Eid. After applying the base coat, a golden colored nail color has been applied. And then red nail polish has been used to cover the upper section of the nails including the nail tips.

Nail Arts for Eid 2

eid nail art 2, Nail Arts for Eid

This is another simple yet cute nail art for Eid. After applying base coat, paint your nails with any color of your choice. Then cover your nails with multi colored glitters and seal it off with top coat.

Nail Arts for Eid 3

eid nail art 3, Nail Arts for Eid

To create this nail art, first color your nails with a dark nail polish like purple, plum, orange etc. Now pick a light color of same shade and create beautiful floral designs. This is a sober yet beautiful nail art that you can get done for Eid.

Nail Arts for Eid 4

eid nail art 4, Nail Arts for Eid

Here’s another beautiful nail art for Eid. After applying base coat, bright pink colored nail polish has been applied. Then, with a black nail color, beautiful floral designs have been created on the tip of each nail. Elaborate design can be seen only on the ring finger.

Nail Arts for Eid 5

eid nail art 5, Nail Arts for Eid

This is a very easy to do nail art design for Eid. Though simple, it looks trendy and elegant both. First apply a base coat of transparent color. Then apply black nail polish on the upper section of the nail and create dots over it using a white polish. Then, pick a sliver colored glitter nail polish and simply draw a line to separate the upper and lower part of the nails. Finally, seal it off with top coat.

More Eid nail art ideas for you ⇓⇓

eid nail art 6, Nail Arts for Eid

eid nail art 9, Nail Arts for Eid

eid nail art 8, Nail Arts for Eid

eid nail art 10, Nail Arts for Eid

eid nail art 7, Nail Arts for Eid

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These nail art designs are quite popular these days and moreover, you can easily create them by yourself. So girls, hope you enjoyed reading my post today J Which of these nail arts you would love to try? Let us know in the comment section 🙂

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