My Simple Night Skincare Routine – Get Unready with Me

My Simple Night Skincare Routine – Get Unready with Me – Night skincare routine is super important if you want your skin to look youthful, smooth and glowing day after day! And so, I have thought of sharing My Simple Night Skincare Routine with you. Now, what’s the importance of night skincare routine? Throughout the day, we subject our skin to various stuffs like makeup, sun, dust, pollution etc. All these can cause dull skin, dehydration, wrinkles, spots, patchy skin etc. At night our skin works to repair the damage. And a proper night skincare routine supports the healing process of our skin. It works on restoration of all the essential nutrients. When our skin gets rejuvenated at night, it prevents the damaging factors to enter the epidermal layer of the skin. So, let’s check out My Simple Night Skincare Routine.
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My Simple Night Skincare Routine - Get Unready with Me, Night Skincare Routine

My Simple Night Skincare Routine – Get Unready with Me

Cleansing is the first part of any proper skin care routine, and my night skincare routine is no exception either. So, I will start with removing all the makeup, dirt and dust that has got accumulated on my skin surface throughout the day. And I have used Roots & Herbs Facial Cleanser to get rid of all the waste. It is an oil based facial cleanser, or you can say it’s more like a facial cleansing oil. I take out some amount and massage gently on my face and neck for all the makeup to melt down. It deeply cleanses the skin and also takes off dirt, grime and even the most stubborn makeup.
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My Simple Night Skincare Routine - Facial Cleanser, Night Skincare Routine

I then wipe off my face with a cleansing wipe. I normally use Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Care Wipes for my Night Skincare Routine. It’s alcohol free, gentle and does a good job of cleansing.

My Simple Night Skincare Routine - Wet Wipes, Night Skincare Routine

Next, I wash my face with a face wash. Normally my go-to face wash is Organic Harvest 3 in 1 Face Wash. I have been using this face wash regularly since past few months. It is a gel based face wash which comes with small exfoliating granules. The face wash removes every trace of makeup, dirt and oil from the face and leaves me with fresh, clean and revitalized skin. The exfoliating particles are mild, hence you can use this face wash on daily basis.

My Simple Night Skincare Routine - Face Wash, Night Skincare Routine

After cleansing, next step in my Night Skincare Routine comes toning. I wasn’t a huge fan of toners previously, but now-a-days I hardly skip toners. I normally use Kronokare Aromatherapy Flower Power Face Toner. It is my current favorite toner. I spray it directly on my face and wait for 1-2 minutes to let it get absorbed into the skin. Then I wipe out the excess toner with a cotton pad, however it is optional. Toners help to close the open pores and maintain skin’s natural pH balance. Plus, toners also can rid our skin of the dirt and dust which the cleanser fails to pick up. Therefore, never miss toners during night skincare routine.
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Kronokare Flower Power toner is a lightweight formula. It provides just the right amount of hydration without making the face oily. I totally love this toner.

My Simple Night Skincare Routine - Toner, Night Skincare Routine

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Then I apply an eye cream, generally it’s the Tvam – Olive and Soya Under Eye Cream which is my all time favorite. I really like using eye creams. Since I have to spend a lot of time in front of computer screen, so it’s very important to soothe the eyes at the end of the day. It has scrub like texture which feels slightly coarse on the skin, but it’s nothing too bothersome. This eye cream does show result, but you have to be little patient. Tvam eye cream is very effective to get rid of under eye dark circles and fine lines as well as wrinkles. Applying eye cream is a very important part of My Night Skincare Routine.

My Simple Night Skincare Routine - Eye Cream, Night Skincare Routine

Now, comes the most important part of our night skincare routine, which is moisturization. For My Simple Night Skincare Routine, I use two products to moisturize my face – Oshea Cocoa Honey Moisturising Lotion and Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel KESAR CHANDAN. I mix a pea sized amount of Patanjali aloe vera gel kesar chandan with a pump of Oshea moisturizing lotion and apply it on my face. Since I have dry skin, so I don’t mind going that extra mile to ensure that my face is well moisturized at night.

My Simple Night Skincare Routine - Aloe Vera Gel, Night Skincare Routine

My Simple Night Skincare Routine - Moisturizing Cream, Night Skincare Routine

Then I use some lip balm in my Night Skincare Routine. I love using Organic Harvest Happy Lips Green Apple Lip Therapy Lip Balm on my lips. It smells like fresh, green apple and provide enough hydration to keep the lips soft and moisturized for a long time.

My Simple Night Skincare Routine - Lip Balm, Night Skincare Routine

Finally, I wrap up My Simple Night Skincare Routine with applying some body butter on my arms and legs. As I have dry skin, so its important that I apply some skin nourishing products to ensure soft and smooth skin the next day.

My Simple Night Skincare Routine - Body Butter, Night Skincare Routine

So this was My Simple Night Skincare Routine. I hope you liked it and would surely try this Night Skincare Routine at home.

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