My Morning Skin Care Routine

Hello Everyone 🙂 In this post, I am showing my Morning Skin Care Routine Video. My skin care routine is very easy to do and For my skin care routine I have Used very Minimal and natural skin care products. I love simple and effective Morning Skin Care Routine. If they are not effective for me then I would love to change them. I need only 3-4 mins for my dailyMorning Skin Care Routine. I always target first my pimple dark spots, Because I know they looks really bad on face. SO lets move on and check my Morning Skin Care Routine Video.

My Morning Skin Care Routine

If your a mom like me then Its a perfect skin care routine for you. I love using rose water, aloe vera gel and eye cream things for my proper skin care routine. Regular use of Rose water and aloe vera gives a wonderful skin in just few days. Mostly moms suffer from skin pigmentation problem so if they use aloe gel on regular basis then they will see the difference.

I really hope that you enjoy this video. SO let me know what do you think about it in below comment box and share your skin care routine too.

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  1. Nice video dear. Loved you skin care routine. Currently I am also using Kama rose water in my skin care routine but i really don;t understand how you managed to use that spray bottle because when i tried to spray it on my face the rose water comes out with so much force that everytime it hit my face badly 😛
    At the end I poured kama aurveda rose water in another spray bottle 😀

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