My Magic Hair Oil – Castor Oil | Why Castor Oil is Good for Hair

My Magic Hair Oil – Castor Oil – When you are blessed with dry hairs and dry skin then you need to make some of the skin care and hair products your best friend. Castor Oil is one of them. Yes, I am talking here about hair oils. I have severely dry, medium length hairs. My hair is so dry that if I apply shampoo without applying hair oil then after washing my hair might look like a dry straw. So, prior oil application is a must. And nothing has worked better for my hair than this Oil. It has numerous hair benefits, including promoting hair growth, treating various scalp conditions, preventing premature graying as well as making hair softer and smoother.

My Magic Hair Oil - Castor Oil, Why Castor Oil is Good for Hair, Castor Oil for Hair

My Magic Hair Oil – Castor Oil

Recently, I am into a mission of hair growth and thus I have started applying hair oils every night. Yes, you heard it right. I apply hair oil overnight and then shampoo it in the morning. And since it is summers now a days so washing hair every day is not a major concern. So, during my hair growth mission, Castor Oil has helped me significantly in my journey. So, read on to know more about My Magic Hair Oil – Castor Oil.

Castor Oil packaging, Why Castor Oil is Good for Hair, Castor Oil for Hair

Price of Castor Oil :

Rs.235/- for 100 ml

Directions for Use : Dilute it with some water or any other hair oil and then apply it on your hair. Wash with any regular shampoo twice otherwise the oil will not go off.

Castor Oil, Why Castor Oil is Good for Hair, Castor Oil for Hair

Castor Oil Ingredients : Not Mentioned

Shelf Life : 36 months

Color : Light Yellow

Smell : Very Strong

Castor Oil opening, Why Castor Oil is Good for Hair, Castor Oil for Hair

What Castor Oil claims

Nothing Mentioned

Castor Oil swatch, Why Castor Oil is Good for Hair, Castor Oil for Hair

My experience with Castor Oil

The Castor Oil oil comes in transparent light yellow plastic bottle packaging. It comes in different size variants. I bought the one of 100 ml Size. I choose the medium size variant because it is easier to travel with. And also this was my first experience with this oil. And also I want to nourish my hairs with different hair oils so choosing a small hair oil variant is always useful for me. But since the oil is very heavy regular usage makes the bottle also sticky. So, make sure that it doesn’t make your clothes sticky.

This Castor Oil is light yellow in color. It is sticky and feels the same on blending too. It has an extremely thick texture and thus it is very difficult to spread on your hair. The hair oil does not have any peculiar smell only the normal heavy oil smell. So, sensitive noses might have an issue.

And about the sticky part, well all hair oils are sticky so no complain on that part. And castor oil particularly is very sticky. It can never be used directly on your hair otherwise you will have a difficult time to remove it from your hair. So, you always need to dilute the castor oil with water or some light hair oil. But it is fab for hair growth and hair nourishment.

This hair oil also takes care of my split ends too. I didn’t have a hair cut since last 3 months and even then this Castor Oil helps to prevent any split ends. Bravo for this. Also, regular use of this hair oil did not cause any hair fall too. It also took care of dandruff or any scalp infections and prevented them. Thus, my scalp was all clean and healthy. This really helped me in my hair growth and my hair grew half a inch only by this hair oil in 2 months.

Overall, Since Castor Oil is a bit sticky, so you require only bit of hair oil. Thus, a single bottle will last you for ages. By ages I mean at least 2-2.5 months depending on your hair length.

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Good about Castor Oil

  • Huge quantity
  • Versatile product – can be used in multiple ways
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts very long
  • Easy on pocket

Bad about Castor Oil

  • Sticky
  • Very heavy on skin and hair

Availability : Easy

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 4/5

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