My First and All Time Favorite Eye liner

My First and All Time Favorite Eye liner – I am an eye liner freak. I have tried everything from liquid liner to pencil to gel to sketch pen liners. As you know, my profession requires me to try out various types of makeup items. And as a result, I already have a HUGE collection of eye liner. I love trying out colored eye liners too, but mostly I stick to black, brown, grey and blue. Just like a girl remembers her first love or let’s say her first lipstick, I remember my first eye liner. Here I am going to tell you about My First and All Time Favorite Eye liner. Yes, both are same. My first eye liner is my all time favorite eye liner. Guess what is it? Its Lakme Instaliner Water Resistant Eye Liner.

My First and All Time Favorite Eye liner

My First and All Time Favorite Eye liner

Lakme Instaliner Water Resistant Water Liner was my first eye liner which I bought when I was in college. Pencil liners were not available then, it was all about liquid eye liner. I used this Lakme Instaliner for good 3-4 years. Now a days, I do not use this much, but you still find a bottle of this on my dressing table. It is a lightweight black eye liner which is extremely comfortable to carry. It doesn’t flake and is totally smudge proof and waterproof. It helps to define the eyes beautifully. And you know what’s the best part of this Lakme Instaliner Water Resistant Eye Liner? You can safely use it on your waterline too. If a good quality. waterproof and smudge proof eye liner in low budget is what you are searching for, simply pick this one! Trust me, you won’t regret.

My First and All Time Favorite Eye liner - Lakme Insta Liner

So this was all about My First and All Time Favorite Eye liner. Let me know about your very first eye liner 🙂 And is it your all time favorite too? Share your story below in the comment section.

You can check me out using Lakme Instaliner here while creating this Simple Quick Easy Daily College Makeup

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  1. Wow…I’m definitely going to purchase this eyeliner.. 🙂

  2. This happens to be almost every Indian woman’s first nd favourite liner 🙂

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