My Daily Quick Skincare Routine

Beauty and skincare basically go hand in hand. You just can’t ignore the importance of skincare if you want to show off your best with confidence. A proper skincare ensures a younger looking, beautiful skin in our not-so-young years. Good eating habits, following few basic rules like cleansing, toning, moisturizing, wearing sunscreen before going out in the sun etc are all very important part of our skincare. Most of us visit parlors at least once in a month for facial and other skin treatments to ensure our skin looks gorgeous and glowing. But that is a monthly routine. What about our daily skincare? Most of us lead a busy life and therefore can’t afford much time for our skincare on daily basis. Keeping that in mind, here I am going to share My Daily Quick Skincare Routine with you all.

My Daily Quick Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare, nature has the best ingredients. We often find it difficult to abandon age defying, acne preventing, wrinkle reversing cosmetics and switch to natural remedies. These conventional products often give you visible results in a few days, but they are temporary and at the expense of treating your skin with strong chemicals. Natural ingredients are cheaper and give better results without doing any harm to your skin. Yes they take time, but all good things take time 🙂 Anyway, let’s proceed to My Daily Quick Skincare Routine.

All you need Daily Quick Skincare Routine⇓

  • Turmeric,
  • curd,
  • rose water,
  • Avocado oil

My Daily Quick Skincare Routine 1

My Daily Quick Skincare Routine 2

  • Now apply this paste on the skin and massage for 1 minute. Be very gentle and use your fingertips to massage.

My Daily Quick Skincare Routine 3

My Daily Quick Skincare Routine 4

  • Take one cotton ball and pour some rose water on it. With this wet ball, carefully wipe off the paste from your face! If you want then splash some water and pat dry with a soft towel.

My Daily Quick Skincare Routine 5

My Daily Quick Skincare Routine 6

  • Moisturization is a very important part of our daily skincare. Whenever we apply any face mask or face pack, it is very important to follow up with a moisturizer after rinsing off. I personally use Avocado oil for moisturization. You can apply avocado oil or your favorite moisturizer and your quick daily skincare is done!

My Daily Quick Skincare Routine 7

My Daily Quick Skincare Routine 8

  • This is an all natural daily skincare that will take just 3 minutes. Yes girls, you read it right.. only 3 minutes. No matter how much busy we are, I believer we all can spend these 3 minutes for our skin 🙂

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My Daily Quick Skincare Routine 9

This is perfect instant face pack for combination skin. It is very easy to make and very effective too. I use this daily and it has made my skin soft and supple. My skin feels fresh and with regular use your blemishes will fade away and skin will become clearer and more glowing. Skin feels moisturized for the entire day and it also does the deep cleansing process.

So girls, this was my My Daily Quick Skincare Routine or you can call it ‘Three minute daily skincare routine’. Hope you will try it and get equally good result like what I have got 🙂 Go natural! Stay beautiful 🙂

About Kiran Raj Singh

Kiran born and brought up in Mumbai is the founder of She is a Management graduate and beauty lover by heart. Kiran’s passion for make-up and beauty products motivated her to start beauty website. She started JAM Infotech online Pvt Ltd in 2016. She is married and has a beautiful daughter, Anika. She loves shopping, buying new beauty products, applying make-up in her free time.


  1. I had no clue of Av0cado oil at all. Thanks for the lovely tip Kiran 🙂

  2. Post use your skin looks super clean and glowing….very nice ?

  3. This is so easy to do. Will definitely follow it 🙂

  4. Didn’t know about Avocado oil for moisturization. Need to give this part a try.

  5. I use this face pack too, it works really well Kiran 🙂

  6. So quick and easy routine!!! What kind of turmeric do you use in this? Somehow kitchen turmeric does not go well with my oily skin 🙁

    • Ya dear its a perfect skin care routine for busy women 🙂 i Use normal kitchen turmeric 🙂 u can also add honey instead of turmeric

  7. wow. this is easy and quick and loved it.

  8. Love the simple skin care routine and the ingredients you use are so good to the skin

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