My Dad – My Real Life Super Hero

Fathers’ day is a very special day for all the children of this world. Dads are our best teacher. They help us to understand what is wrong and what is right. We share a very special, very impactful relationship with our dad. For us daughters, our dad is the best man of this world. Often time, we can’t tell our dads how special they are to us. Fathers’ day gives us this awesome opportunity to let our dads know that they are truly very, very special and they are our hero. Their unconditional love and support is what give us the courage to go ahead in our life. This Fathers’ day Jabong is giving us this unique opportunity to celebrate Fathers’ day in ‘Dandy style’, designing our dads’ look the way we want.

My Dad – My Real Life Super Hero

So here are the Jabong Men clothing Unlimited Options, by which I would like to style my dad. #DandyDad

Hangrr Solid Black Blazer is a solid black blazer that I think will suit my dad very well. It’s a long time wish of my dad to wear a great looking suit and blazer. But he has never put his own wish before us. During any festivals, he spends most of his money to buy us our choice of clothes and as a result, his own wish remains unfulfilled. So I would love to surprise my dad with this beautiful black blazer.

With black blazer, I know my Dad would choose a pair of formal black trouser. And so I chose this one for my dad.

Black blazer with white shirt can never go wrong. So this white shirt is for my darling dad.

Lastly, a man is never dressed completely without a great pair of shoes. So I have chosen this pair of slip on shoes for my dad. I have always seen my dad wearing lace-up shoes. But I know he likes this kind of footwear too. So this would be a pleasant surprise for my dad.

Check Below picture and its a Whole look which I created for my dad with Jabong’s Men’s clothing Collection
jabong fathers day

Design Your Dad’s Look Here Like me : 🙂 🙂

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My Precious Memories with Dad

My dad has been the man of my life in every sense. I lost my mother when I was only 10 years old. Since then, my dad has done everything to ensure that me and my little sister don’t face any problem due to our mommy’s absence. He became our mom and dad, both. He left his glamorous and highly paid Air Force job for us, because he was posted in a different state. He took up a comparatively low profile job in our city to ensure that he stays with us to take proper care of us. I still remember how I never wanted to eat anything, before going to school (even when I was in college) and my dad used to feed me by his own hands, just like mums do. I can never those times when I had to study the whole night before my exams and I have always found my dad beside me spending sleepless nights for me.


Talking about my precious memories with Dad, there are quite a few. I would like to share one here. It happened couple of years ago. Me and my sister went for a interview and our dad accompanied us. We entered the office, but they did not allow dad to stay even in the office premise. The area was quite far from our residence, so he decided to wait for us outside. That area was full of high-rise office buildings and road side food stalls were not allowed. It was a hot summer day and my dad had no water with him. That interview took 7 hours to complete and my dad waited every single minute of those 7 hours without having any food. He somehow managed to get just one bottle of water and it was all he had for seven hours. And there was no proper sitting arrangement too. He was standing under a tree to escape the heat. Still when we came out and told him that we got selected, he became so happy and forgot all about his sufferings throughout the day. I still can’t imagine how he managed to spend those 7 hours in that heat with only a bottle of water!! This particular incident made me understood that just like our moms, our dads also can do everything for their children. Hats off to you, Dad!

My super dad

Dad my hero

My dad is my real life hero. He has always protected me and my sister against all odds. He has sacrificed his glamorous career and lots of other stuffs for us. His main priority has always been to keep us happy, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. It’s not very easy for us girls to grow up without our mother, but my dad never made us feel the absence of our mom. He pampered and cared for us like a mother and guided us like a father. Our dad is our best friend and till now we share every little incident of our life with him. He has been our biggest support and our strength. Whatever I have achieved today in my life, it’s all because of that man. I love you, Dad. You are the best and I truly mean it.

About Rashmita Rakshit

Rashmita is born & brought up in Kolkata, She is a pure Bengali by heart. Makeup and Food are her biggest weaknesses. She has a good amount of cookbook in her collection.Traveling is her another love. She dreams to travel the entire world some time. She believes in 'tell the world what you intend to do, but first show it'.


  1. DAd’s indeed are the best!

  2. Kiran Raj Singh

    Hey Rash wat a heart touching Memory 🙂
    Who needs a Super hero when you have a Dad 🙂 I love my dad 😀

  3. piyali toshniwal

    Very nicely captured indeed . Grt job dear !

  4. Your post brought tears in my eyes .very heart touching….:)

  5. Margaret Dallospedale

    So adorable post

  6. Very touching! Undoubtedly dads are the best ! 🙂

  7. This is such a loving and touching post about your dad… he sounds wonderful xox ♡

    • Rashmita Rakshit

      I am really lucky that even after my mom isn’t with us, but my dad never made us feel her absence 🙂

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