Must See Deepika Padukone’s Style Evolution

Must See Deepika Padukone’s Style Evolution – Hii Everyone, I am back with the post- Must See Deepika Padukone’s Style Evolution. Today I will be talking about the reigning queen of the Bollywood. The highest paid actress in Bollywood who has not carved out her destiny by the help of anyone else but herself only. Yes, girls you got it right. We are talking about our very own cocktail queen DP- Deepika Padukone here. She has become one of the most successful actresses of all times. And you know what is truly inspirational and loveable with her is that she didn’t have everything as a bed of roses. She tried hard and made her destiny her-selves. We all admire her acting skill as well as her style sense. Her easy yet sexy style personality is what all girls desire for. But it wasn’t like this before when even Deepika made some serious mistakes with her fashion and style. Her style evolution has been truly inspirational. Let’s check out Must See Deepika Padukone’s Style Evolution.

Must see Deepika Padukone’s style evolution

Must See Deepika Padukone’s Style Evolution

Deepika Padukone was of course a supermodel. We all know that. But how many supermodels really make it big to Bollywood. We know that too. But she got a big ticket with none other than the king khan himself. The movie became a super hit and deepika was an overnight star. But what about her fashion sense. Well, I no doubt love her. But her fashion sense was truly disaster. So how did she become today’s trend setter? To know, you Must See Deepika Padukone’s Style Evolution through this post.

Must see Deepika Padukone’s style evolution

In award functions either it was a too much traditional and heavier outfit or it was a lighter and not perfect western. Deepika Padukone had the perfect body and figure but her fashion sense was too bad. People were wondering that with her gorgeous body and skin tone why she is not ruling the fashion charts.

Deepika in Award function 2007

Who can forget one of her disastrous outfit which she wore in 2007 a too heavy black anarkali. It had too much of kohl and an over blushed cheeks. She was giving all kind of wrong signals to the Fashionistas out there. Her poor choice of clothes or over bright outfits just looked loud and too out of the place.

Deepika Padukone in black anarkali dress
Then came the year 2011 when she tried with silhouettes and edgy styles. She shows her own inner self with the correct sexy cuts both in traditional and western wear.

Deepika Padukon in Orange Outfit

Deepika Padukone in white dress

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And then came the time with Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna’s off shoulder metallic dress. This dress was just simple but with the gorgeous cuts on the arms. Any actress won’t be able to flaunt this dress other than Deepika Padukone herself. She simply rocked the outfit. But her makeup here was like nude and too simple and looked like more of a washed out. And she has got such great features. So, she now need to play with her features and her dresses too. Gradually Deepika found her first love in the evening dresses from the runaway trend of New York based designer Naeem Khan.

Dipika look in Meatallic Dress

But not to forget her biggest year was 2013, when her movies made a mark. I am sure many Fashionistas remember the movie COCKTAIL not only for the storyline but also for the really fashionable yet wearable clothes. The year saw the rising of the great actress and that was the time when tropical print skirts, palazzos and hair puffs made their entry in Indian fashion industry. Almost most of Deepika Padukone’s looks in the movie were very wearable for every girl in the country.And since then there is no looking behind for her. Both in terms of fashion and in terms of her career too. The movie gave her an extra edge in terms of her fashion and dressing sense. Not to forget the movie’s costume designer Anita Shroff did wonders to her. Of course since then she is her personal stylist and designer.

deepika padukone cocktail look

Deepika Padukone in cocktail

Since then Deepika Padukone has come up with incredible looks right from her promotions to her red carpet looks. And we all are truly impressed. Not to forget the Bollywood queen not only won box office collections but our hearts too.

Deepika Padukone

What do you think of Deepika Padukone’s style evolution? Share with me her best look so far.

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  1. I loved her gorgeous smile..Her impeccable style statement had played a great role in her journey of bollywood

  2. Deepika looks awesome in all the outfits 🙂 her style is very unique..

  3. M a die hard fan of deepika. …I find her gorgeous in every outfit 🙂

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