Must Have Summer Accessories

Summer accessories are an important part of summer styles. Summer means bright sunny days & lots of outings with friends and family which includes lots of daytime outings as well. And we all want to enjoy those outings to the fullest. But the heat and sweat of summer days makes it very difficult to have fun during those outings. Few summer accessories can save your day during these occasions. These accessories will not only shield you from harmful rays of sun, but will also take your style quotient quite a few notches up!

Must Have Summer Accessories
We all love to update our wardrobes every season. But not everyone can afford it. These summer accessories can instantly freshen up our summer look without making a hole in our pocket. They allow us to try new trends as well. Must have summer accessories should not only protect you from harmful UV rays of sun, but also add a dash of glamour to your look. Today, we have compiled a list of few such must have summer accessories. Let’s check them out!

Sunglasses as must have summer accessories

Sunglass is the signature accessory of summer. Sunglass not only is a style statement, but also a shield for our precious eyes. Long exposure to sun means long exposure to sun’s UV rays, which can potentially damage our retina. This can badly affect our vision. So the best way to save ourselves from such damage is to use sunglasses. These days lots of trendy sunglasses are available in the market. But be careful while choosing your shades. It’s always safe to pick up a branded one. Look for the ones which claim to protect the eyes from UV rays. Bigger & wider lenses are best for summer, because they provide better protection for the eyes.

If you have specs, it becomes a little difficult to find a fashionable, stylish sunglass for your eyes. In that case, make sure your lenses are proven to protect the eyes from sun or get one prescribed by the doctor.

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Hats as must have summer accessories

You are getting ready for a Sunday brunch. The outfit you have chosen is a knee length floral dress. Now just imagine yourself with a lovely floppy hat. Doesn’t it instantly add a dash of glam to your look? Yes, this is the magic of hat! It adds elegance to our look in a jiffy. Not only making us look glamorous, hats protect our hair, face, shoulder, neck, head, ears from harsh UV rays of sun. The wide brimmed ones are the best for summer as they are light and airy. We can’t skip sunscreen, but hats provide an added protection. Wearing hats protect our skin from getting premature wrinkles. And don’t worry about ‘hat head’, do a messy side braid or a fishtail as they look great with hats. And if you want to keep your tresses open, just brush it nicely after wearing your hat. Well, don’t we love that summer chic look with a lovely hat on?

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Scarves as must have summer accessories

We are usually habituated to watch people wearing scarves during winter, but scarves can be used in summer too. It’s a great accessory for hot summer days. Swap those woolen scarves with a silk or cotton one and use it in whatever way you want. Wrap your hair with this and you will look stylish as well as save your hair from the heat, dust and scorching sun of summer. Wrap a floral scarf around your neck and it will instantly jazz up even the most casual outfit. Carry it in your bag to warm yourself up in a stylish manner at those overly air-conditioned places. What else? Well, wear it as a style statement with your favorite dress while going out in the evening.

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Clutches and bags as must have summer accessories

Clutches and bags are must-haves during summer. Ditch your oversized black leather handbag and lighten your load this summer with a beautiful clutch. These clutches are great to carry only the essentials and allow you to go easy on hot summer days. Want to go ‘hands-free’? Get those stylish sling bags. Neutral shade clutches are great since they can be carried with almost every outfit. Having said that, it’s not a bad idea to get a few matching clutches with your evening party wear & your favorite classic. If you are planning to go out for the weekend, pick up those fringe bags or the totes. They look stylish as well as spacious enough to carry everything you need. Not only for weekend, these bags are great for work too.

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Colorful jewelries as must have summer accessories

Hot, humid summer days make it difficult to keep up with fashion and experiment with different stylish outfits. We often opt for lightweight and light colored outfits to combat summer heat. So it is important to jazz up our looks little bit as it also lifts our mood. Fill your arms up with colorful bangles or boho chic bracelets. Colorful chokers, long necklaces instantly take your style quotient few notches up. Big rings are always in vogue. Single or asymmetrical rings add a touch of bling to your looks.

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Footwears as must have summer accessories

It is very important to choose proper footwear to stay cool in summer. Sandals, flip-flops and slides are best option for this season. Though flats are always the go-to footwear in summer, but wedges are also great if you are looking for some ‘height’. They are quite comfortable & stylish. Floral prints and neon colored ones look super trendy. Of late, platform heels are making a comeback too. Always choose shoes made from high quality soft leather and the ones with thicker soles as they provide maximum protection and comfort.

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These must have summer accessories make it very easy for you to take care of your health and look stylish at the same time without spending a fortune. Hope you liked my post today. Don’t forget to leave your feedback below 🙂

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