Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit

There are certain makeup products that you can do without and then their are some products that are an absolute must to have. I am not going to repeat the same old story again.. our readers already know quite a lot about basics of makeup. I will be targeting on specific shades and specific products so that you can nail the latest in fashion and makeup trends. So here’s my post on Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit.

Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit

A haute Red Lipstick as Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit

A bright lip adds a dash of instant glamour. Nothing adds brightness to your complexion like a Red lip shade. It goes pretty well with a little black dress, nude shades, pastel pinks, oranges.. almost anything actually apart from formal meetings of course. You must own at least one Red lip colour in your makeup kit.There are many shades from the Red family that you can pick from.

Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit, red lipstick

You can consider these tips as a general guideline to pick the right Red for your complexion :

Women with fair skin tone should not go for purest form of blood Red as it might make your lips look too much in contrast with your complexion. You can take your pick from Cherry Red, Cranberry Red, Pinkish Red or Bluish Red. In simple words, pick Reds with undertones of some other colour. If I may suggest, try

Those with medium skin tones should try Orange based Reds and Brick Red shades. Try

  • Revlon matte lipstick Really red
  • MAC Chilli

For duskier skin tones, go for Cranberry, Burgundy and wine Reds

  • MAC Diva
  • L’Oreal Paris Collection Star Pure Garnet

However, these guidelines are just for reference and are not hard and fast rules. A lot depends on your exact skin tone, your face cuts, dress and how you carry your dress and makeup. So, I feel you should try everything to see what suits you the most.

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Brown or Purple eyeliner as Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit

Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit, brown eyeliner

Get past the boring Blacks and try something new. Try using Brown shades of eye liners. Brown eye liners appear more gentle and subtle on face and add a dreamy touch to your eye makeup. It looks good with all eye colours and fair and medium as well as dusky skin tones.Those with Dusky skin colour should give Purple eye liner a try.

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Gold and copper eye shadow as Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit

Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit, copper eye shadow

Metallic shades of eyeshadow in Gold, Bronze and Copper shades add a lot of drama and sensuality to your eyes. These shades suit all types of skin tones really well and are versatile to wear with a saree, ethnic wear as well as western dresses.

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Nude and Brown Eye shadow as Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit

Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit, naked eyeshadow palette

There is a reason why the NAKED eyeshadow palettes are hugely popular. They help you create the most awesome and natural  looking smokey eyes. The shades in these palettes can be worn alone or beautifully combined for a natural makeup.

Cheek makeup kit as Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit

Must Have Makeup Products in Every Makeup Kit, blush and bronzer

This basically consists of three things, a bronzer that is to be applied in the dip below the cheekbone to give a appearance of a prominent and chiseled cheek bone. These are mostly in Bronze/ brown family.

A blusher to be applied on the apple of the cheeks. They impart a flush of colour to your face and are mostly in PINK, CORAL, PEACH AND PLUM shades.

Illuminator is to be applied on the topmost part of cheek above the apple of cheeks for a light reflecting effect. These have a silver or White tinge.

So, ladies do let us know what do you think about these must have makeup products in the comments section below 🙂

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