Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are something we know about since when we were so young and our mothers would tie our hairs with those. Also most of us must have memories of childhood like I do, passing bobby pins one by one to our moms while she was making her hair bun šŸ™‚ And now when from kids we have turned up into beautiful ladies, we still keep these pins always in our vanity and use them in our everyday hairstyles and they save us from our every day hair crisis.

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

So we all think we know these babies so well, but today I will reveal some of the bobby pins secrets that most of us must be unaware of. I am sure you never imagined that you could use these in so many different ways! So check out my post onĀ Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins below

Bobby Pins for Hair amongĀ Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 1

Do you know that since our childhood we have been using bobby pins the wrong way! Yep, you are right. You are actually supposed to have the grooved or bumpy side facing down against the skin. It is designed to grip hair and lock it in place ,in order to capture more hairs.

Bobby Pins for Nail Art amongĀ Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 2

We cherish detailed yet beautiful nail art. Bobby pins can help you here also. Use the tip of bobby pins to achieve designs like flowers or stripes or just some polka dots. Not truly professional, but still who doesnā€™t loves to do such hacks.Ā Apart from nail arts use bobby pins to clean up the edges of Ā the freshly painted nail paint.

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Bobby Pins to Tie Hair Secretly amongĀ Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 3

Now, in order to secretly pin back your hair strands, take some hairs from front section, twist them and insert a bobby pin with its open end towards your face. In this way your bobby pin will not show up and your hairs will be secretly tied.

Bobby Pins to Tie the End of Braid amongĀ Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 4

Instead of using an elastic rubber band to tie your pony tail, give it a chic look by securing the end with a bobby pin. Just tie the end of the braid in a knot and then slide the bobby pin in upward direction to secure it.

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Bobby Pins for Easy Hairstyles amongĀ Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 13

When in rush we usually clutch our half of hair but to get a beautiful half up just take a thick section of hairs from the sides of both temples and pin it behind using the pins in the triangle formation. Voila! Fun and easy hairstyle!

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 5

If you find your bobby pins very slippery just spray some hairspray and then slip them in your hairs and they will stay in soldier position or hours.

Bobby Pins to Hold Curls amongĀ Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 6

Use your bobby pins to make your curls last really long. Just after when you have curled a section of your hairs twirl it up and pin it against your head. Keep them tied until hairs have cooled down.

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Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 7

Make your bobby pins looks more elegant yet classy for any occasion with this simple DIY. Take your bobby pin and on the outer flat surface apply some fabric glue and then sprinkle shimmer or glitters onto it. Make different colored pins which will steal the look!

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Most of us those with thick hairĀ have problems while slipping in bobby pins. So here is another hack just move the pin up and down while pushing it through the hairs to reduce the amount of hairs goes into pin and it holds hairs better in place!

Bobby Pins to Make Messy Bun amongĀ Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 8

Want to keep your hairs in place when out for shopping or when going to gym, just secure them in a messy bun with the help of the bobby pins sliding them randomly. Start by twisting your hairs, then twist them up into a knot and pull it tight. Grab the left over tail and twist it slightly and then twist it around the knot. Bobby Pin the end of the tail, by weaving the bobby pin with the knot and your hair. Use the second bobby pin for securing, pin it in such a way that it looks like an ā€œXā€. It gives you a messy yet cute look!

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Bobby Pins for Side Swept Hair amongĀ Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 9

Side swept hairs which is red carpet favorite and just too simple. Brush your hairs to one side and add a few bobby pins behind your ear on the opposite side to hold them in place. And another glamorous hairstyle at your service.

OtherĀ Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

  • Secure the loose end of your belt using a bobby pin. Yes, you can use it for that too.

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 10

  • This one is not related to beauty or makeup but another bobby pin hack. Instead of using large clip on to secure your chips or food packets, use a bobby pin. It will save your money and your chips too! šŸ˜‰

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 11

  • Keep your tie in place with the help a bobby pin. Just secure the lower layer into the upper one. And now instead of lowing here and there it will stay intact.

Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins 12

  • BONUS : An storage idea! — If you tend to loose them too easily keep them in a tic tac box.

So ,ladies hack them all šŸ˜‰

Till then Stay Beautifulhamesha! šŸ™‚

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