MUA Blusher shade 4 Review

Hi beauties, today I am going to give my review on MUA blusher, MUA Blusher shade 4 Review. MUA is a brand which gives great discounts on its products sometimes and provides free shipping as well. And I was lucky at that time when I was planning to buy a blusher. A friend of mine suggested me to try the brand MUA. She told me that MUA is giving a great discount on its blushers. And now I have one of them. MUA offers 6 shades of blusher. These shades range from coral to deeper plums.  And I have MUA blusher shade 4 as I wanted a pinkish effect on my cheeks and its gives the same.
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The better thing of these blushers is their matte finish. And the shade 4 is the most “matte” blusher from the collection of 6 shades. This shade suits the Indian skin tone very much. It adds a lovely blush to the skin. It doesn’t have so much shimmer in it and this quality makes this shade worth buying.

Price :  £1 for 2.4 gm

Direction for use : Directly apply on clean cheeks with the help of a brush.

Ingredients : Mica, Talc, Magnesium stearate, Ethylhexyl palmitate, Dimethicone, Methylparaben, Propylparben

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Shelf life : Not mentioned

Color : Peach shade

Smell : Nice and very light

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What MUA Blusher shade 4 claims

  • All six shades comes in same price tag which is 1 euro
  • Just simply sweep across the apples of the cheeks and brow bone to get a soft yet beautiful contour

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My experience with MUA blusher shade 4

MUA blusher comes in a small black rectangular case with a transparent lid thereon. It didn’t like the packaging so much. It is very simple. But there is an advantage of its transparent lid. If you have all the shades of MUA blushers then you can easily locate it. I can easily carry it with me throughout the day as it is tiny and easily fits my palm. It is not bulky at all. It doesn’t come with any brush or mirror.

I really like its texture of MUA Blusher shade 4. There is the brand name imprinted on the texture and on the transparent lid which looks quite classy. And the ingredients and the other details are mentioned on the back side of its packaging. MUA Blusher shade 4 gives a warm peach shade with pink undertones. I have a fair Indian skin tone and this shade really suits me. It is a universal flattering shade and will suit almost every skin tone. MUA Blusher shade 4 has a little amount of shimmer in it which is hardly visible. Since the shimmer is almost invisible, you can also wear it throughout the day. MUA Blusher shade 4 doesn’t make you look odd.

The shade is massively pigmented and gives you a healthy glow. You don’t need to apply many layers to see the colour as one or two swipes are enough to get a desired look. Be cautious while applying MUA Blusher shade 4 as the texture is very soft and smooth. MUA Blusher shade 4 is not powdery at all and easily blends without taking too much time. MUA Blusher shade 4 has a better staying power and stays for about 5 hours. And if you use primer beneath it then you can add some more time in its staying period. I am quite happy or say, satisfied with MUA Blusher shade 4 considering its price.

I recommend MUA Blusher shade 4 to everyone. And if you have a fair Indian skin tone then you must try MUA Blusher shade 4. It will give you a nice peachy blush with pink undertones. MUA Blusher shade 4 is one of the best blushers in such a low price. Trust me you won’t regret and will definitely recommend this to others. 🙂

Good about MUA Blusher shade 4 

  • Affordable price
  • Travel friendly
  • Last longing
  • Soft textured
  • Gives beautiful glow
  • Easily blends
  • pigmented
  • Matte finish
  • Not powdery

Bad about MUA Blusher shade 4

  • Less availability in India

Availability : not easy , online available 

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 4 / 5 ♥♥♥♥

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  1. nice shade

  2. Just 1 euro! Amazing!!

  3. a very fresh coral shade

    loved it

  4. absolutely amazing shade 🙂

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