Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder Review

Hello all πŸ™‚ Time for a new post and its Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder Review. The land which gave the world Yoga and Ayurveda today unfortunately prefers over-the-counter products that push us into a fools paradise where every seemingly harmless, aesthetic cosmetic promises us gorgeous skin, luscious locks and a drool-worthy body. Gone are those days when bathing meant a ritual to restore the skins health, improve its vitality and appearance by smearing a luxurious and nourishing blend of herbs, fruits, nuts and other such wholesome ingredients. Today, we will find creams, lotions, serums, body washes and wraps with just a picture of say- an Aloe Vera plant or a fruit on its pack & the tagline enriched with the extracts of so and so fruit/herb proudly embossed on it!

Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder Review

Okay, do you seriously think something which claims to be enriched with the extracts of a herbs/fruit would be even half as nourishing as that herb/fruit per se? Or has money become a free resource that we are willing to throw it on the rubbish contained in those cosmetics with sheer abandon? I admit cosmetics instantly glam up our appearance but has patience become such an elusive virtue in today’s world that we can’t even devote time to actual skin nourishing rituals? And it does not take decades to look gorgeous. A simple step would be to go for a herbal bath powder in lieu of your usual chemical-laden soaps. In keeping with this thought, I zeroed in on Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder one fine day. NalanguMavu is the Tamil expression for a bath powder. Read below my Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder Review to know?how nourishing this herbal blend is πŸ™‚

Price of Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder : Rs.100/- for 100 gms

Directions for use and?Ingredients :

Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder ingredients and direction for use

Shelf life : Not mentioned

Color : mustard

Smell : A gentle whiff that is naturally expected of a blend of herbs

Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder pack

What Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder claims

  • Cleans, moisturizes and protects skin.
  • Adds smoothness and glow.
  • Inhibits face/body hair growth.
  • Imparts a natural fragrance to the body.
  • Prevents premature aging.
  • Cleans/prevents acne

Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder swatch

My experience with Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder

Packed in a simple plastic pack, I find the packaging of Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder disappointing. Why? Once the pack is cut open, you have to transfer the content to a clean and dry container to prevent contamination and spillage. That makes it unsuitable for being carried while travelling. The provision of a zipper pouch would altogether remove all these problems. So, that is my input for improvement.

Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder is finely powdered and when mixed with raw milk (which I prefer due to the goodness of lactic acid in it), it forms a smooth paste effortlessly. You get a slight cooling sensation as you apply it on your body. It takes nearly 15 minutes to dry completely after which I suggest scrubbing it gently with a little water to exfoliate the skin and then, finally rinsing it off with adequate water.

At first, if you are switching over from a chemical-laden body wash/soap, you might feel that it is not doing anything substantial but hey, make it a part of daily bathing ritual. You will be bowled over by the positive turn of events πŸ™‚ Its claims of softening your skin is cent per cent true. My skin felt smoother and softer after the very first wash. I have dry skin and this was the softest my skin was after having a shower. That to me, is its USP πŸ™‚

I do not think that its claim to inhibit hair growth on face/body is true because that depends on genetics. It does, however, remove body odor (if not form the first wash then definitely after a few washes. It also depends on the amount of physical activity you undertake. For instance, if you sit in an air-conditioned room for most part of the day, you are bound to lesser body odor than a person whose job involves being outdoors for most part of the day. Naturally, the time taken to allay body odor would be less in the first case, right?)

Its mild enough to be used daily and gentle enough to be used by all skin types.

I am bowled over by Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder. It is the best bath powder I have used so far πŸ™‚

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Good about Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder

  • 100% Natural
  • Softens skin
  • Smoothens skin
  • Removes body odour
  • Mild enough to be used daily
  • So, can be used by all skin types
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Well-priced
  • Made in India
  • Apt for use by all above the age of 1 (Written on the pack)
  • Can be used both on face and body
  • Regular use brings out the latent glow in ones skin

Bad about Mooliga Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bathing Powder

  • Available only online at present
  • COD (cash on delivery) unavailable at present
  • Packaging needs to be revamped. Just a simple zipper pouch would put an end to all the problems posed by the current packaging.

Availability : Visit the official page of Mooligaa herbals on Facebook. Message them and they will guide you on how to place orders.


Send an email to Team Mooligaa at [email protected]

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.9/5

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  1. I didn’t know you could get Nalangu maavu online. This is good. This is definitely a wonder powder for the skin.

    • And this is a Chennai based firm, Sangeeta. You can easily avail it being a Chennai-ite πŸ™‚ Nalagu maavu needs no elaboration on its virtues.

  2. Bathing powder never heard of that..and the product is really good…

  3. I checked their FB page… They have a very nice list of products and at very affordable prices as well. Will try some of them. Thanks for introducing us to this new brand, Nidhal.

    • I’m delighted to help you out, Archana. They really offer quality products at affordable prices which one can grab without second thoughts πŸ™‚
      Each product of theirs is all-natural and that to me, is the best part. Hope you enjoy their products, Archana πŸ™‚

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