Why a Monochrome Look is Always Chic

Monochrome Look

By Mansi

Hi beauties … 🙂 This is my first post on Beautifulhamesha blog. Hope you will love my this post on Trend alert : Monochrome Look.

Match your shoes with your tee and clutch with pants, yes; go matching-matching this season as the evergreen “Monochrome trend” is back with a bang. It’s a timeless classic and dominating the 2013 runaways and wardrobe. Following this trend is not very complicated, just pick your favorite white shirt and pair it with black pants and statement jewelry and you’re done. Yes, it’s that simple and interesting. But some of you might find white and black boring so, go for bold colors and try monochrome look if you’re comfortable. Playing with colors is a bold trend and certainly not for the timid.


 Tips to style monochrome look:


  • If you’re going for black and white monochrome look, add a neon color to your outfit or jazz it up with red or other color bright lips to contrast with the simplicity of your outfit.
  • The best way to carry this trend is by opting for the same color but different shade. Go for lighter shade of the same color with the darkest one, this is the easy and you won’t feel over the-top.
  • Don’t forget to plays with prints. Stripes are always “in” fashion and checkers are really hot this season, so why not try it with this trend?. 😉
  •  “Denim on denim” is also the latest craze among people so wear your favorite denim along with denim chambray. Though I don’t think this trend will stay for long but try it as its still “in”. So take out your denims and chambrays rock this trend along with monochrome trend ;).
  •  Layering can also be done with this trend just like men do with their 3-piece suit *lol*. It’s fun to try and you can wear it in your office also. Varying texture look really look, so what are you waiting for? Rock monochrome look.
  • It’s so hot and can you resist yourself from wearing dresses? You can’t I know. Wear your favorite dress and pair it with jacket of same color but different shade as it looks really flattering,
  • Wearing a single color from head to toe gives slimming effect and that’s the main charm of this trend.
  • Wearing the same tone in the same shade looks over-the-top but if you still want to pair a single shade from top to bottom then go for prints in the same color and rock it stylishly.

Kim k can be ideal here as she is always dressed according to the trend or you can say whatever she wear becomes the trend. I love how she pairs black and white outfit with statement necklace also her 3-piece look is just amazing. So, wear this trend with black and white and if you dare go for neon and bright colors. Think about the occasion and dress accordingly as monochrome look is versatile, you can assemble clothes for office or party. Follow the above tips and I bet you can’t go wrong with this trend.



Hope friends you will love this monochrome look trend 🙂

About Mansi Chauhan

Mansi Chauhan is living in New Delhi with her parents and siblings. Currently she is doing Engineering but at the same time she is freelance content writer. She love writing on makeup and fashion. She is also a “yoga person” and strongly believe that people should do some kind of fitness daily. She is in the makeup and fashion field since 2 years and hope to grow more here. She would love to share her knowledge with people and would love to contribute it via her writings.


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