Mistakes that Damage Your Face While Washing

Hey girls!! How you all have been? I am good enough to bring some important topic into limelight. We have tried many recipes and DIY for our face, we have tried many variants of product to pamper our skin right? But still we are unhappy with the results, so what is the cause behind it? Have you ever thought like that? I mean chemicals might be the reason but what about the home made recipes, they are free of chemicals then why we are facing some pre mature signs of ageing? No worries!! Here I come to tell you some basic tips which if considered, can bring back your younger looking skin.

Mistakes That Damage Your Face While Washing

We often wash our face, use face washes, scrubs, face pack and so on, but we never focus on the correct technique or the procedure of carrying it out. There where we lack, we do not focus on the main part, we keep on searching the suitable skin products but we never focus on the suitable way of utilizing it. What I am trying to say is that if you don’t follow the basic need of your skin then none of the products will give you the desired effect. Let us see some common mistakes Mistakes that Damage Your Face While Washing.

Mistakes that Damage Your Face While Washing – Harsh Scrubbing

Mistakes That Damage Your Face While Washing, scrubbing

If you use big granules or some harsh granules to scrub your face, it damages your skin tissues. Similarly even if you rub small gentle granules vigorously on to your skin, you might end up with rashes. So be careful next time you scrub your nose too much to remove black heads.

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Mistakes that Damage Your Face While Washing – Never Ever Wash Your Face without Removing Makeup

Always make sure that you have removed your makeup first. What happens when you wash your face without removing makeup? The chemicals and makeup products seeps inside the pores and remain there, now this may cause breakouts or even allergy, so next time when you put on some makeup, please remove it first with a remover.

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Mistakes that Damage Your Face While Washing – Keep Washing Your Face Many Times

Mistakes That Damage Your Face While Washing, washing face

If you have this habit of washing your face more than like 10 times a day, and then please leave it. This habit may bring you some serious infections. When one keeps on washing their face, each time when they feel oily and greasy, unknowingly they welcome many infections and dry skin. This may also result in pre mature ageing of skin.

Mistakes that Damage Your Face While Washing – Use Of Too Cold Or Too Hot Water

Too much of anything is never good! See if we use too cold water it will damage the capillary present in your face. On the other hand when too hot water is used, they open the pores of our skin which accumulates the dirt, now this can become the cause of acne in future.

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Mistakes that Damage Your Face While Washing – Use Of Improper Material To Swipe Your Face

Mistakes That Damage Your Face While Washing, using soft cotton towel

Always try to use cotton towel to pat your face dry. Go for the softest one. Not only this. also make sure that you never rub the towel on your face, just gently pat it on your wet face and let the towel fibers soak the moisture. In case you rub your face for a long time with towel, you will end up with wrinkles. I am serious this the most dangerous and often people do this, so be careful.

Mistakes that Damage Your Face While Washing – Washing Face with Soap

Mistakes That Damage Your Face While Washing, no soap on face

Never use your hand wash to wash your face. In case you don’t have a face wash try to go for some kitchen ingredients, you can wash your face with a whole wheat grain, or  besan , or  yogurt. Anything from your kitchen will work but never use soap.

If you make sure that next time you will remember these points then let me assure you that your face will remain away from different signs of ageing. And not only this but next time you won’t complain, that nothing suits you. Stay healthy!! Stay gorgeous!!

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  1. Did not know that makeup seeps into the skin if not removed before washing the face. OMG I have been committing this mistake ?

  2. Konica Mukherjee

    Oh really good post dear.. I also do these mistakes. Thanks for the knowledge

  3. Nice tips 🙂 these mistakes most of people do without even knowing…

  4. useful post 🙂 Got to know lots of things

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