Men’s Jewellery Fashion Ideas

Men’s Jewellery Fashion Ideas – Looking smartly dressed and highly fashionable is important to many men. Jewellery retailers are more than keeping up with the demand and have launched some amazing Men’s jewellery ranges. From classic watches to ear-studs and everything in between, a man’s taste in jewellery has a huge impact on his overall appearance and style. We have been looking through some of the most popular items and accessories of the moment.
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Men’s Jewellery Fashion Ideas


They were traditionally considered to be more of an accessory favored by businessmen at work. But cufflinks are now making their way into the social scene, as a sign of class and sophistication. Or for those who prefer something a bit less formal, the fun style cufflinks are also a popular choice as men’s jewellery. You can buy cufflinks related to sport, films and pretty much anything you like, or even letters of the alphabet and other personalized touches.

Men’s Jewellery Fashion Ideas - Cufflinks shirt, Men’s Jewellery Fashion Tips, Men’s Fashion, Jewellery Fashion Tips for Men

Leather bracelets

Next on our list of popular men’s jewellery comes the leather bracelets. Black or brown leather bracelets are hugely popular men’s jewellery at the moment, sometimes combining with stainless steel. The Emporio Armani range includes a particularly nice example of the stylish leather and stainless steel combination. Leather bracelets look great with a shirt and rolled or folded up sleeves. The wrap style bracelets are selling very well currently.

Tie clips

The range of tie clips available is really good these days, far from the very practical designs that were once the only ones available. You can buy some very nice personalized designs for special gifts to celebrate events like a graduation or anniversary.

Men’s Jewellery Fashion Ideas - Tie clip suit, Men’s Jewellery Fashion Tips, Men’s Fashion, Jewellery Fashion Tips for Men

Necklaces and chains

Here is another very popular men’s jewellery at the moment. Chunky chains with pendants are a nice finish to an outfit, such as the Gucci Sterling Silver ‘G’ Pendant. Silver jewellery is far from a new concept. The modern designs are much more of a fashion statement than the simple plain chains that were more popular in the 80s and 90s.

Ear studs

For those with pierced ears, sparkling ear studs are really stand out men’s jewellery. They add that extra level of style to any outfit. Diamond earrings are popular with celebrities because they look expensive and sleek. Other popular styles include black studs, for a more gothic style.
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Men’s preferred watch styles are very particular to the individual. But there are a number of styles that always remain best sellers. Whether you have an unlimited budget or you want to pay less than £100, there is a great selection of watches available right now. The classic Emporio Armani stainless steel watch with round case is a big favourite. Or for the more active guys, the Casio G-Shock. Variations of the men’s slim ultra round watch are also increasingly popular such as the Hugo Boss version.

Having a good collection of men’s jewellery is one thing but knowing how to wear it is another concept altogether. Combining different types of jewellery can work really well or can result in a look that is mismatched and conflicting. Keeping your selection of jewellery fairly simple will help you to avoid bad results.

Remember, there is no harm in following men’s jewellery fashion setters like David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton. Take a look at GQ’s 50 Best Dressed Men to see who is topping the style charts and is worth checking out for their jewellery selections. It is a very high possibility that they are paying a stylist a lot of money to choose both their outfits and their jewellery for them. So why not just see what looks good on them and incorporate it into your own jewellery and overall fashion style?

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