Mehendi Designs and Types

Mehendi Designs and Types for you. Which Indian girl doesn’t know about mehendi. It’s something we have grown up with. No Indian celebration and wedding is complete without mehendi on the brides hands. It’s one of the most crucial thing in Indian weddings and we all value it a lot. I personally love mehendi and I can carry mehendi on my hands daily if I had to. Sadly due to our hectic lifestyles we don’t indulge much into this exquisite jewelry on our hands. Today I will be sharing with you the types of mehendi designs and the occasions on which they can be worn. So all the mehendi lovers please keep tuned to start a beautiful journey with me.

Mehendi Designs and Types

There are different types of mehendi designs and India has professionals who knows all this kinds of design’s. So if you are getting married soon just go through he below list and know what you would like the most to have on your hands.

Bracelet Mehendi 

To start with we have something which is making a trend this season. It’s the bracelet style mehendi design. It’s unique and it’s different and it definitely grabs attention. Also you don’t need any special occasion to wear it. You can wear it for normal functions or just for fun. Generally these sorts of designs are made on the arm part and also on the wrists.

Bracelet mehendi 1

Bracelet mehendi 2

Bracelet mehendi 3

Bracelet mehendi 4

Bracelet mehendi 5

Bracelet mehendi 6

Bracelet mehendi 8

Bracelet mehendi 9

Arabic Mehendi  

The next inline is the very popular Arabic mehendi design. This designs here is minimalist and yet very beautiful. Most of the spaces are white and that adds to the beauty of the design. It generically is done in continuation and is mostly in band form. The designs are of the simple form as well as complex ones. One can practice this at home.

Arabic mehendi 1 Arabic mehendi 3 Arabic mehendi 2

Arabic mehendi 4

Arabic mehendi 6

Mehendi on top of hands

The next on the list is the mehendi on the top of the hands. Generally we apply mehendi on the palms and ignore the top of our hands. But believe me the one on the top of the hands is really beautiful and it makes the hands look gorgeous. Have a look at the below design. It is different and will surely grab some attention.

Mehendi on top of hands 1

Mehendi on top of hands 2

Mehendi on top of hands 3

Mehendi on top of hands 4

Mehendi on top of hands 5

Mehendi on top of hands 7

Mehendi on top of hands 8

Mehendi on top of hands 9

Bridal Mehendi

The next inline is the most popular mehndi design in India. It’s called the bridal mehendi. Indian bride is incomplete without mehendi and a bridal mehendi adds to her beauty. This design here is a classic example of bridal mehendi with brides and groom on each hand. You get a lot of detail work done in bridal mehendi and it usually has the name of the groom also designed in it somewhere.

 Bridal mehendi 1

 Bridal mehendi 2

 Bridal mehendi 3

 Bridal mehendi 4

 Bridal mehendi 5

 Bridal mehendi 6

Tattoo Mehendi

Tattoo mehedni is another popular art coming up these days. This mehndi designs look like tattoos and are made in mehendi. They are not permanent like tattoos and are usually sported on backs etc. They look really pretty and give an indo modern look.

Tattoo mehendi 1

Tattoo mehendi 2 Tattoo mehendi 3

Tattoo mehendi 4

Foot Mehandi

Tattoo mehendi 5

Tattoo mehendi 6

Tattoo mehendi 7

Tattoo mehendi 8 Tattoo mehendi 9 Tattoo mehendi 10 Tattoo mehendi 11

Hope friends you enjoy it 🙂

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