Makeup Tricks for Office Goers

Hello Readers, I am going to share some makeup tricks for office goers. First of all every woman is beautiful in her own way. It’s just that she should have the confidence to accept herself the way she is only then she is considered to be adorable. Thus make up is not actually a necessity of beauty it is just a perk. Office makeup should be classy and polished, too many bright colors can make one look artificial and distracting. After all not the work attire solely does not matter but also the shades one uses in office make up are to be taken note of too. Here are a few, hope you like them.
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Makeup Tricks for Office Goers

1. Base of Make Up :

  • There is nothing as good as a plain canvas to paint and the same applies to make up. A primer can be substituted for a good moisturizer which would take away dryness from the surface and make it smoother every time.
  • On the other hand most office goers have to balance both home as well as work due to which they have little time to get ready. Its not possible to keep layering faces with products like primer then foundation then sun protection etc.
  • Instead one can use a bb cream instead because the coverage it gives is in between a foundation and a tinted lotion. But most ladies complain that bb creams have limited shades, makes skin oily and have low sun protection. In that case one can mix any bb cream and a tinted sunblock of higher spf range in about 1:1 ratio and apply as a base make up. It gives both coverage as well as sun protection.

2. Blusher :

  • Light to medium toned girls can always choose blushers like fresh coral, peachy and pink shades but remember to apply it negligibly to avoid looking bubbly at office.
  • For women who apply more blusher than required amount can dot a tinted lip balm on the cheekbones which would give the right amount of color required.

3. Stick Make Up :

Stick foundations conceal a little more than bb creams  and give a matte look to the face . In fact to save time one can directly apply a stick foundation on moisturized skin and blend it with hands. It saves time required to apply foundation plus compact.

4. Eye make up :

eye Makeup Tricks for Office Goers

  • Do not use metallic shades in eye shadows and liners. For eye shadows use base, neutral and earthy shades. Glitter eye make up is a strict no no for office make up.
  • Make sure you invest in a good smudge proof eye liner as panda eyes are a big turn off.
  • Instead of applying pitch black kohl use a smudger to get a softer yet impressive look.
  • To skip using an eye primer use loose powder or compact on the lids before applying kohl.
  • Kohl can also be applied on liquid liner for a longer stay.
  • Instead of applying eye cream before eye make up; make it a ritual to apply it along with nighttime CTM. Lest it makes the skin base very slippery.

5. Lip Make Up.

  • Matte lip colors have the longest stay on the lips but many prefer creamy lip colors to the matte ones. However creamy texture lipsticks have a poor staying power and a lip balm underneath cuts down the staying power even more.
  • Apply lip balm on lips before going to bed and exfoliate regularly but not before applying lipstick especially a creamy textured lipstick.
  • Any creamy lipstick after layering it once on the lips should be blotted and then reapplied for a longer stay.
  • Even the lip liner can be applied on the lips wholly before applying a lipstick for a longer stay of the lip color.

Lip Makeup Tricks for Office Goers

Makeup Tricks for Office Goers

Additional Tips:

  • Always carry baby wipes to correct make up errors. Also  for the dryness caused by office air conditioners wipes can give a refreshing feel.
  • Apply foundation on neck and hands of the same shade to avoid making the make up look too obvious.
  • Oily skin beauties – compact is your God and it should be everywhere with you.
  • Keep your nails cleaned and well maintained as on the work front one meets several people and nails give a quick view on how hygienic e person is.
  • Wear a nice perfume every time you step out because that speaks a thousand words on your personality.

Makeup Tricks for Office Goers

Makeup Tricks for Office Goers

Makeup Tricks for Office Goers

Hope you find these tips easy to follow 🙂

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Juthika is a beauty addict and homemaker. As a freelance blogger she juggles between her work and her grown up daughter. She loves travelling and learning new things every day. Besides her love for eye make up, she is a sucker for good interiors and cooking. Indian sari is her style statement with minimal jewellery and contrasting accessories


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