Makeup Tips for Office Interview

Today my post is on makeup tips for office interview. When I think of this situation the phrase that comes to my mind is “First impression is the last impression.”  An interview is a very vital event of life as it decides the career graph of a person. Every single entity wants to excel in the rat race and thus every small detail is important. The interviewer keeps an eye on the candidate right from the moment the person enters through the door. Right from the walk to the attitude to the attires to accessories everything has an eagle eye on it then comes the knowledge and experience check. Thus the way a person presents herself via clothes, accessories and makeup also has an important role to play. Nervousness is imminent but wearing right makeup and attires can easily boost the confidence of every candidate.

makeup tips for office interview

  • Generally speaking, no makeup face is preferred if it is a case of amateur makeup person. No first time experiments on the day of interview.
  • In case of office interviews always remember less is more. If budget permits then one can also opt for mineral makeup.
  • Starting with the face, makeup sits best on clean and hydrated skin. thus before starting makeup one must clean the face very nicely with cleanser and apply a non-comedogenic or regular moisturizer.
  • A bb cream or a tinted moisturizer is a better option than a foundation as the former group gives a natural look. Also using a primer beforehand is preferable as it would hold the makeup for a longer duration.
  • The base makeup like the bb cream should match the complexion of the woman and the neck should also be covered using the same product.
  • A concealer or corrector is a must as dark circles impart a tired look to the face. On the day of interview one is supposed to look fresh as ever as dark circles would indicate that the preparations were done at the last moment.
  • Eye shadows are a good option to attract attention towards the eyes. Choose colors like earthy brown or copper or other pastel shades to cover the lids. The shadows must be non shimmery. Shades like blue, green. red, golden, silver are definitely not meant for this occasion.
  • A candidate has to answer to the questions asked very confidently without putting the eyes down. The person is expected to carry a subtle look and that is where the eye has a part to play. Eye makeup should not be dramatic rather it should only define the eyes.
  • Before starting with the eye makeup, line both lash lines very evenly with a black kajal. Always pick a smudge proof and waterproof kajal as they keep the color in place.
  • To create a softer look use a brown or grey kohl on the lower lash and smudge it a little with fingers or a brush. Blending is the key. It is best to avoid other bright colored kohl in shade of blue, green or purple. Even if it is used instead of drawing sharp lines, it can be smudged a little for a subtle look.
  • If a liquid liner is used then do not extend the lines beyond the shape of the lids.
  • Mascara must be the regular one as many volume mascaras give spider lashes which look more scary than good.
  • A matte and long wearing lip shades are best for official interviews. What is needed is well scrubbed, soft lips as chapped lips are a big turn off. Choose matte texture if you have well hydrated lips and slightly creamy lip colors if your lips are dry.
  • Apply lip balm or butter on the lips overnight to wake with soft lips. If lip balm is applied right before wearing the lipstick, it will not hold the lip color for long. Rather lips need to be outlined with a lip pencil whose shade should be close to the lipstick.
  • Smudge the liner inwards on the lips before applying the lipstick. One can also use a matte concealer on the lips prior to wearing a lip shade as it hold the lip for a longer duration.
  • Creamy lipsticks are best avoided as they do not stay for long, get patchy and transfer a lot too. However if a tissue is held between the lips after applying one coat of the lip color and then the second coat is applied, even creamy lipsticks can be adorned.
  • The shade of the lipstick must not be very loud like a bright red or neon shades. Even extreme nude shades do not go with Indian complexion. Avoid too dark colors as they add age to the face. Rather choose shades of pink, brown or light peachy shades. If the shade is too bright then just dab a little lip color on the lips and spread it evenly using fingers.
  • A tinted lip balm can also be a good option if the lips do not have pigmentation or dark patches. The same lip balm can be applied a little on the cheeks as a blush. There is no fear of overdoing as the lip balm has a slight hint of color.
  • Face contouring is good only if it is done very lightly and not what one needs for photography. As for blusher choose peach as it imparts a very natural look to the cheeks.
  • Last comes the loose powder or compact. Applying this is a must but over application can be a disaster as this makeup mistake has no remedy. Do not use extremely lighter shade in case of compact as it will impart a ghastly look.
  • Wear a mild perfume which should be strong enough to prevent bad odour and not disturb the senses at the same time.
  • The hair style should be simple such that hairs do not fall into the eyes of the person and becomes a source of distraction. If the person has a long fringe then it is to be either kept away from the face using pins or set properly with hair gel or spray. Simple puff and ponytail or a French bun or a braid do impart a nice and professional look.
  • Last but not the least is the nail paint. Like the lip color it should be of soft or pastel shade. Avoid red, black or other bold or neon colors. The nails should be well trimmed and clean.
  • If possible carry oil blotting sheets, rubber bands, compact, a small mirror and your lipstick for retouching.

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Team this makeup with comfortable clothes as well as shoes on the day of interview. Avoid shoes which cause a weird sound while walking. Also do not flaunt long earrings or big hand jewellery. A simple watch and that’s all. Work hard and leave the rest in the hands of the Almighty, you shall pass this round with flying colors.

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