Makeup Tips for Prom Night

Prom is undoubtedly very exciting! We start planning for our proms weeks before! Planning for our dress, shoes, makeup and hair.. feels just awesome, isn’t it? Getting a perfect dress and hairstyle for prom isn’t too difficult. You might even get the perfect pair of shoes too, but what about makeup? Your gorgeous dress, adorable hairstyle and perfect shoes should be complemented with fabulous makeup ‘to steal the show’. And if you are searching for that ‘perfect makeup look’ for your prom night, then read on as this post talks about Makeup Tips for Prom Night.
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Makeup Tips for Prom Night

Getting ready for prom is one of the ‘toughest’ challenge in a girl’s life! Not so difficult for boys though!! Girls have to find a dress, sort out shoes, decide about makeup and hairstyle, get the accessories right and so much more! It can be so overwhelming and often we found ourselves in a situation where everything is ready, except makeup! We often get confused about where to start from and with so many looks to choose from, it just goes out of hand at times! Quite natural for a girl who has just completed her high school!! So here we have tried to help you out by putting some makeup tips together for your much anticipated prom night. So scroll down below to know about Makeup Tips for Prom Night.

Flawless Skin for Prom Night

You would never like to look gloomy and dull on that big night, right? So start with washing your face with a cleanser suitable for your skin to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Follow up with a toner for a fresh looking glowing skin.

Do the Base Right for Prom Night

A girl under 25 hardly needs foundation. But if you have uneven skin tone and acne, then feel free to take the help of foundation and concealer. Dot the foundation (mix it with concealer before) only on your problem areas. Now blend it well, very well. Make sure, you choose the foundation that matches your skin tone. Mix some concealer with an eye cream and apply it around your eyes and blend well, again.

Pick Your Mouth or Eyes

Often we make this mistake of highlighting both our eyes and lips. But the golden rule is pick one and highlight it while keeping the other one subtle. So first decide which you are going to highlight. If you often hear people complementing your eyes, then let your eyes do the talk that night and keep your lip makeup soft. Or if you are often compared with Angelina Jolie for your pretty pouts, then you know which one to highlight.

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Eye Makeup for Prom Night

prom eye makeup, Makeup Tips for Prom Night

Eye makeup plays an important role when it comes to getting ready for prom night.  Here we have discussed three types of eye makeup.

Dark Outer Corner : This is a gorgeous eye makeup. Start by picking three shades of the same color eye shadow. Now apply the lightest shade to the inner corner of the eye and below the eyebrow ( just a thin line). Take the medium shade and apply to the middle of your eye and blend it into the outer corner and then the darkest shade should be applied to the very outer corner of your eye. Line your upper eyelid with a thin line of eyeliner. Apply mascara and you’re done!

Dramatic eye makeup : Again choose three shades from the same color eye shadow. Apply the lightest shade to the inner corner and middle of the eye up to below the eyebrow. Apply the medium one to the eye lid and crease of the eye and under the eyebrow (below the lightest shade). Apply the darkest shade to the outer corner of the eye just over the medium shade. This allows the shadow to stick well. Draw a thin line of eye liner from the middle to the outer corner of the eye and complete the look with applying 2-3 coats of mascara.

Soft eye makeup : Pick a eye shadow that matches closely to your skin tone and then choose three shades of that shadow. First cover your entire eyelid with the medium shade. Pick the darkest shade and apply to both the corners blending it towards the middle. For a polished finish, apply the lightest shade to the middle of the eyelid. Finish it up with a coat of mascara.

Lip Makeup for Prom Night

prom lip makeup, Makeup Tips for Prom Night

If you are going with dramatic eye makeup, then keep your lips subtle by applying some balm and lip stain. Nude lip gloss also works great. And for soft eye makeup, go with bold lips. Choose lipsticks such as red, dark pink etc.

Blush for Prom Night

Apply cream blush on your cheeks and blend it outwards. Choose a rosy shade for natural flush. Finally set your makeup with some loose powder and you are done!

So girls, here’s your makeup tip for prom night in a nutshell. Always remember, to stay happy and have fun, because happy girls are the prettiest girls 🙂

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