Makeup Tips For Dusky Complexion

Fair skin obsession is gradually fading these days. But still when it comes to looking gorgeous and glamorous, many still believe that dusky complexion can’t do much. However this is far from truth. Today dark skinned beauties are dominating almost everywhere, be it on the ramp, magazine covers, beauty shoots or movies. Dusky divas like Freida Pinto, Chitrangada Singh, Kajol, Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone etc are best example of how stunning can dusky complexion look! As long as your skin is healthy and radiant, you are beautiful and your skin color doesn’t matter much.

Makeup Tips For Dusky Complexion

When it comes to makeup, dusky skin beauties just need to be a little careful, because wrong selection of shades can completely ruin your beauty. What many of us don’t know that dusky skin is less prone to acne, pimples, blackheads etc. So just by picking up the right shades, you can bring out the beauty of dusky complexion. Here, in this article, we have discussed few makeup tips for dusky complexion which will help you to bring out your inner diva.

Proper cleansing for Dusky Complexion

Whatever the skin color may be, never ever ignore your CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) routine. Dusky complexion often appears patchy and dull if not taken proper care of. So stick to the basic cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine. Invest in a good moisturizer for face and body to get that glowing dusky complexion. And, pay special attention to exfoliating as regular exfoliation is important to achieve even toned skin, which will give a nice smooth finish to the makeup.

Concealer for Dusky Complexion

It is important for the dusky skin beauties to hide the blemishes or discoloration on the face. Concealer is a great way to fix those facial faults. Choose a red or orange based concealer to neutralize the darkness.

Foundation & powder Dusky Complexion

Choosing the right foundation is the key to flawless makeup. Here is a trick to choose the right foundation for dusky complexion: check the tester on your forehead or right below the cheek, not on the back of your hand. Never buy a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone, because it will make your skin look grey or pale. You can blend couple of shades for a correct match for your skin. Choose a foundation which is liquid or cream-based, but light textured. Before applying the foundation, take it in the palm and add a few drops of water to it. This will help in blending the foundation with your skin tone and give a perfect finish. Don’t forget to apply foundation on the neck, otherwise face and neck will show different shades.

Don’t forget to dab on some translucent powder at the end to kick the shine out and look gorgeous. Choose the right shade for your skin and use a large powder brush.

Eye makeup for Dusky Complexion

Dusky beauties are often blessed with dark and deep eyes. So don’t forget to highlight them. Use a cream based eye liner, rather than the liquid ones. Cream based liners look more natural. Black or navy blue liners look good on dusky skin. Use a lot of mascara, but avoid kajal. While applying eye shadow, choose shades like bronze, copper, brown, deep purple. Dark metallic colors also look good. Smoky eyes look especially good on dusky beauties. Shades of grey and brown can be used to create a beautiful dramatic smoky eye look.

If you want to use two shades, choose shades from same family. Use the lighter shade on the middle and inner part and for the outer edge, use the darker one.

Blush for Dusky Complexion

Select from a wide range of shades for blush. Shades like burnt pink, peachy coral, deep orange, rose, wine, plum, bronze look great on dusky skin. They create a subtle flush on the cheeks and add warmth to the complexion. Avoid very brown tones.

Lip colors for Dusky Complexion

Deep shades of lipsticks like plum, orange, red, berry, burgundy, wine, brown look great on dusky complexion. You can also go for chocolate or coffee shades. Nude lips look good too. Stay away from frosty colors or the ones too glossy. Apply a tiny bit of foundation on the lips before applying lipstick. It will make the color look rich.

Nail & hair color Dusky Complexion

For nail colors, use shades like forest green, shiny bronze, purple as these will complement the dusky complexion. Chocolate brown, deep violet, rich burgundy are great shades for hair color. Highlights also look beautiful on dusky skin. Remember to choose subtle shades when it comes to highlighting. Shades which are one or two times lighter than your natural hair color would be perfect for highlights.

Apart from these make makeup tips, keep a few things in mind – Avoid overdoing makeup, keep your skin healthy and glowing by following a proper diet. The right kind of makeup can actually do wonders to bring out your true beauty. Remember, dark is beautiful. So girls, follow those above mentioned make up tips to choose your shades wisely, carry yourself confidently and you are ready to rock the world!

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