Makeup Looks for Red Dress

Red is a glamorous and dramatic color. The color red stands for love, passion, glamour, vibrancy, seduction etc. This color can instantly brighten up our entire look. We all know how a single swipe of red lipstick can jazz up our look even if we are wearing an ordinary outfit. We all have at least one red dress in our closet. A lady in red automatically becomes the centre of attraction wherever she goes. And here lies the importance of makeup. We need to give extra attention to our makeup with red dress to look at our prettiest. So check out this post on Makeup Looks for Red Dress.

Makeup Looks for Red Dress

No matter wherever you wear a red dress, for example : prom, festive occasion, wedding, night out or even at work, you are sure to turn few heads. Such is the magic of a red dress!! But when you are wearing such a bold outfit, then pairing it with right makeup is a must. Otherwise the complete look will be ruined. While wearing a red dress, you have to make your dress the centerpiece and therefore you can’t go wrong with your makeup. Makeup has to be subtle enough to allow your dress to be the star of the show. Read on to know more about Makeup Looks for Red Dress.

Match your Red Dress with Your Skin Tone for Makeup Looks for Red Dress

Our skin tone plays an important role in choosing which shade of red we should wear. As the popular saying goes ‘there is a red for every skin tone’, so yes, be careful while choosing your red outfit. Ideally for us Asians, orange based red works best.

Highlight your Eyes or your Lips, not Both for Makeup Looks for Red Dress

Red is a vibrant color, so pairing makeup with red dress can be challenging. Don’t wear too much makeup (such as bold red lips and heavily done eyes) as you may end up looking vulgar. But if you don’t wear right amount of makeup, you might look pale. So the trick is to play up either your eyes or lips.

Face Makeup for Makeup Looks for Red Dress

Sheer liquid foundation works great if you have mostly clear skin. Choose a foundation that matches with your skin tone, apply it lightly and blend, blend, blend! Make sure your skin looks even toned. Use concealer only where it’s needed. You can apply a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation.

Red Lips for Makeup Looks for Red Dress

  • If you want to wear a red lipstick with your red dress, choose a matte red. And if you aren’t comfortable wearing matte, opt for red satin lipsticks.
  • Before applying red lipstick, make sure to line your lips with a liner that matches with your lipstick. This will prevent lipstick from bleeding.
  • Next color your lips with that same pencil to hold lipstick in place.
  • To avoid any application mistake, use a lip brush to paint your lips.
  • Neutral lips for makeup looks for red dress
  • If you want neutral lips, then choose a lipstick shade that’s closest to your natural lip color.
  • Line your lips with a matching lip liner before applying lipstick. And finish your neutral lip makeup with a coat of soft pink or sheer nude gloss.
  • Neutral lips and smoky eyes is a fantastic combination to complement your red dress.

Makeup Looks For Red Dress 1

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Eye Makeup for Makeup Looks for Red Dress

  • If you are wearing red lipstick, then don’t wear bright & colorful eye shadows. Avoid using green, blue, yellow or purple eye shadows as they will clash with the color of your dress. Opt for ivory, gray, tan, brown, beige eye shadows. Apply any of these eye shadows from lashes to brow bone and matte brown shadow on your crease for a retro inspired neutral eye makeup.
  • Line your eyes with a black or dark brown eye liner. Add some drama with a winged eye liner look. Gently dust some shimmery eye shadow onto your lids.
  • Smoky eyes look great with neutral lips. Create a sexy smoky eye by applying some shimmery bronze-brown shadow eye shadow on the lids. Line your eyes with a chocolate-brown eye liner and slightly smudge it.
  • Neutral or smoky, whatever eye makeup you wear, never forget to apply at least 2 coats of mascara after curling your lashes.

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Blush for Makeup Looks for Red Dress

Opt for cream based blush. Rosy bronze, soft neutral pink or peachy pink would look great on fair skin tone. For slightly darker skin tone, apply a rosy shade on the apples of your cheeks and use bronzer beneath your cheekbones for a soft natural look.

Makeup Looks For Red Dress 2

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Translucent Powder for Makeup Looks for Red Dress

Once you are done with your makeup, lightly dust some translucent powder on those areas that tends to get shiny. This will set your makeup and make it long lasting.

So girls, here are the makeup tips that will ensure you look stunning in your red dress wherever and whenever you go! Follow these tips next time you wear red and look like a glam doll 🙂

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