Makeup Kit – How to Plan and Where to Buy

Makeup Kit – Whether you are a beginner or a pro at experimenting with cosmetics, its important to have a makeup kit that will let you create a variety of looks starting from your everyday look to bold and dramatic evening party look. A makeup kit is a woman’s most prized possession because it contains all the ‘magic items’ that can transform our look in minutes. But many of us face a common problem – a makeup kit overflowing with products. There will always be new makeup products and then there are numerable cosmetics available online. But its important to figure out which are the makeup items that we should have in our makeup kit and the ones we can do without as well. Below is a list of makeup products that every woman must have in her makeup kit, so check it out quickly.

Makeup Kit

Makeup Kit


A great foundation is the secret behind a flawless makeup look. Foundation is a makeup essential that we should have in our makeup kit. It evens out our skin tone and hides the imperfections, therefore, creates a flawless base to let you create whatever makeup look you want. If you don’t like to use foundation, go for a tinted moisturizer or a BB Cream.


Compact is another product which is must in our makeup kit. A quick and light dusting of powder not only helps to set the base makeup, but it also eliminates the shine. Plus, compacts are great for touch-ups throughout the day.

Makeup Kit 2

Eyeshadow Palette

A good makeup kit is incomplete without a good eyeshadow palette. Get a eyeshadow palette that offers a good range of nude shades for daily wear as well as few bright colors to play around with. You can buy eyeshadow palettes online.

Blush and Highlighter

Blush and highlighters are just must for any makeup kit. Adding a bit of colors to the cheek looks healthy and gives a fresh look to the face. Highlighter not only highlights our best facial features, but they give that perfect lit-from-within glow which instantly transforms the entire look. You can also opt for a bronzer to get a naturally sun-kissed look during the warmer months.

Eye Pencil

Instead of stocking up on a number of kajals and eye liners, go for eye pencils. They are a versatile product and the smarter option, as you can double it up as your kajal, eyeliner or in some cases, even as your eye shadow.

Makeup Kit 1


Adding a sophisticated drama to the eyes never hurts anyone! And who can do the job better than mascara? You can either go for a black, dark brown or transparent mascara, whichever you like. Generous coats of mascara on both upper and lower lashes make your eyes look much more awake and fresh.

Lipstick or Lipgloss

Lipstick is the makeup item that is needed to put together the makeup look that we have created. Therefore, its certainly a makeup kit essential. And when it comes to lipstick, the more the merrier. But one must have some basic shades in the makeup kit, such as red, nude, coral, pink etc. These colors are so versatile that they will keep you covered from office to the dance floor. Also, have a few lip gloss options to choose from for the days when you don’t want to wear lipstick. Lip glosses give a sheer and more natural look than the lipsticks.

Though the components present in the makeup kit often vary from one another, but these are some of the basic items that should be present in every good makeup kit. Its very important that you choose high quality makeup items for your makeup kit. But its quite a tedious task to shop for these items separately whether you buy them online or offline. So its always better to go for the ready-made Makeup Kit that consists a huge range of basic makeup items, such as powder cake, eye shadow, blusher, lip gloss, mascara, eye pencil etc. What’s more, you get these makeup kits with in built mirror and the necessary applicators inside.

Makeup Kit 3

If you regularly buy cosmetics online, then you must have noticed that many cosmetics brands are coming up with such makeup palettes or ready made makeup kits now-a-days. These Makeup Kits are great for travelling and they also save a lot of space on your vanity shelf. Plus, all the makeup items are organized nicely inside a single box, which means you don’t have to hunt for makeup products here and there, specially when you are in hurry. You simply open the box and everything you need is in front of you. I am a big fan of these Makeup Kits and I highly recommend everyone to get them as they are just super, super convenient.

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