Makeup Ideas with Red Saree

Red is an exciting and dramatic color. This color has some magical ability to glam up even the most boring outfit. Red color symbolizes tradition, passion, love, beauty, vibrancy, positive energy & seduction. In Hindu religion, red color stands for auspiciousness. That’s why even in this ultra modern age, every bride loves to wear red outfit on her wedding day. Red color adds a different charm to our looks especially a red saree. A lady in red saree has to be the centre of attraction wherever she goes! But to pull out the perfect look in red saree, make up needs extra attention. So check out this post on Makeup Ideas with Red Saree.
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Makeup Ideas With Red Saree

Sarees have always been one of the greatest treasures for Indian women. Even men love to see her woman draping in a gorgeous red saree. Red sarees hold a special place in our heart because a lady in red saree looks extremely eye catching. So it becomes very important that our makeup matches with our red saree, otherwise our entire look will be spoiled. Very often we make some common mistakes when it comes to makeup with red saree, like doing entire red makeup, wearing dark lipstick and wrong accessories etc. The list can just go on! But worry not as we are here to help you. If you are confused about what makeup should match with red saree, then this article is for you! Scroll down below to check out Makeup Ideas with Red Saree.

As we stated above, red is a very eye catching color and when you wear a red saree, it simply makes you stand out in the crowd. Therefore, you just can’t go wrong with your makeup with red saree.

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Prepping the face for makeup with red Saree 

Start with foundation. Foundation shade has to match your skin tone and same goes for concealer. The key to look flawless & glowing is to use matching foundation & concealer and blending them well.

Lip makeup ideas with red Saree 

If you choose to wear red lipstick with red saree, then first get your shade right. There’s a perfect red shade for every skin tone, you just have to find out the one that suits your skin tone. Line your lips with a lip pencil because most of the red lipsticks have the tendency to bleed. Nude lip pencil or red lip pencil can be used. You can either wear a glossy lipstick or a matte one. If it’s a glossy red, then just blot a little once you are done and for matte lip shades, apply lip balm before putting on your lipstick.

If you don’t want to wear red lips with your red saree, then go with nude lips or peachy shades.

red saree makeup 1, Makeup Ideas with Red Saree

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Eye makeup ideas with red saree 

If you are wearing red lipstick with red saree, then avoid eye shadows from the family of red. Don’t pick orange, red, bronze eye shadows. Instead go with shades like beige, soft brown, champagne etc. The trick is to highlight your lips and dress by keeping your eye makeup subtle.

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Blush ideas with red saree 

Never ever apply a red blush with a red lipstick and red saree. Instead choose blush that will impart a lovely glow to your cheeks & make your skin look naturally flashing. For example : a peachy blush. You can also use bronzer and go for face contouring. Finally dust over some compact to finish the look.

red saree makeup, Makeup Ideas with Red Saree

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So friends, next time when you wear a red saree, simply rock it with these makeup ideas. But most importantly wear red with confidence!

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  1. Very nice tips 🙂 will keep in mind whenever I pick a red sari 🙂

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  3. Lovely tips. Love how these celebrities are rocking nude lips with red saree 🙂

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  6. Deepika looks gorgeous in plain red saree. Thank you for tips Rashmita

  7. The exquisite and beautiful red color is perfectly done with cool makeup tips and suggestions. The Bollywood Diva are looking as beautiful as they always look. Flaunting the red color in such stylish way and with the correct attitude to carry and look stylish. Truly Red is a class of color, and when draped in such trendy way it makes a cynosure and reveals the true knowledge of style in you. As always Saree is a true classy and elegant attire a lady can think off. The best way to look utmost feminine and hot in a shuttle drape.

    The tips are equally great and presented in a cool way to understand and grab the style tricks in this Fashionable Era.

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