Makeup Hacks Using Spoon

Hello BHB girlies! After being inactive since weeks, here I am back with a new post. I actually relocated to Hyderabad due to my new job and was so busy that couldn’t continue with my writing, and now I am all settled here I am with a new and interesting post. Today I am going to share Makeup Hacks Using Spoon. Yes, spoon! It is not only for your food but is a wonderful beauty product which we usually ignore. But soon you will realize there are so many wonderful hacks you can do using a spoon. So, Read on to know what this multi-purpose tool could really do.

Makeup Hacks Using Spoon

Makeup Hacks Using Spoon – Create that Sexy Cat Eyes and Trendy Winged Liner

makeup hacks using spoon, applying winged liner

No kidding! Many of us struggle creating the winged liner but you can perfect that wing using a spoon. Just take any spoon, and place the handle against the edge of your eyes at some angle and create a straight line along it. Now place the round part of the spoon along the end of this line at some angle and draw a wing connecting the line to your lash line, creating a wing. Fill the flick, and the wing liner is so ready and super perfect!

Makeup Hacks Using Spoon – Push Back those Cuticles

makeup hacks using spoon, pushing back cuticles

Do manicure at home, and you don’t need to invest in costly manicure kit. Keep your hands in warm water, dry them and without much pressure just push back the cuticles with the tip of the spoon. And with this trick you just saved some money, which you can invest somewhere else! 😉


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Makeup Hacks Using Spoon – Get rid of Eye Bags

makeup hacks using spoon, Get rid of eye bags

Yes, apart from tea bags, and so many different products spoons can also be used to get rid of those puffy eyes. Just place the spoon in freezer overnight or less time if you are in a rush and then place the back of your spoon below your eyes. Also, with a little pressure you can massage it around your eyes, keeping it as close as possible to the inner corner of your eyes. It will remove the puffiness around the eyes, massaging it will drain the fluid concentrated around your eyes, giving you a more fresh and bright look by narrowing the blood vessels.

Makeup Hacks Using Spoon – Prevent Messing up of Mascara

Makeup hacks using spoon, Prevent messing up of mascara

Many a times while applying mascara we mess it up by applying it on our upper lids and then getting it clean with Q-tips. So to get rid of this common problem and to save time in clearing the mess, just grab a spoon and place it on your lids, and apply your mascara as usual. This will protect your skin from mascara. Also you can use this trick on lower lash line also.

Makeup Hacks Using Spoon – Suppress Your Pimple

makeup hacks using spoon, Suppress your pimple

A common enemy of we all girls is pimple which can pop up anywhere, anytime, without any warning and spoil our moods and look too! So, next time when you feel like a pimple is about to show up, just take a spoon( not plastic ones) run it under hot water and place the back of your spoon on your zit with slight pressure. Leave it there until the heat goes away. And you are ready for the day. This is a wonder trick to save you from the embarrassing situation. Also, make sure that this is to be done when pimple is going to occur, not with the ones that have already popped.

Makeup Hacks Using Spoon – Curl Your Lashes

makeup hacks using spoon, Curl your lashes

Apart from helping in easy application of mascara, this wonder tool can be used to curl your lashes too. Yes if you don’t curl your lashes too often, you don’t need to invest in an eyelash curler. Spoon to rescue. Keep the spoon horizontal, and press your lashes between your thumb and round edge of spoon and curl them. After curling apply mascara using the spoon only. Also, you can try blow drying your spoon for long lasting effect.

Makeup Hacks Using Spoon – Marble Nail Art

makeup hacks using spoon, Marble nail art

Looking at the list now you girls must be thinking what thing is not possible using a spoon 🙂 No more thinking, you can do absolutely pretty, and very easy nail art using a spoon. All you have to do is drop some drops of nail polish into your spoon, colors like: pink and white or blue and white. Swirl them together with a bobby pin or a tooth pick. Once you create the pattern of your choice, bring the color to the edge by tilting the spoon a little. Put your nail along the edge and roll nail on the top of paint. Clean around the edges, and your Marble Nail Art DIY is done!

Voila! So many tricks and tips using one simple and not very acknowledged cutlery which can save us from so many different situations when we don’t have any options! So , do give them all a try!

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