Makeup for the Gym

I know what’s going on in your mind after reading the post title – Why would anyone wear makeup at the gym? Yes, we go to the gym to sweat out, but does that mean we won’t care about our looks while we are working out? We all want to look at our prettiest all the time, everywhere! There are lots of mirrors in the gym and you simply can’t ignore them! And I am sure you would not love to see yourself as a hot mess into the mirror! So read on to know about makeup for the gym.

makeup for the gym

Makeup for the gym is never like putting a smoky eye, or pulling up a red carpet look with serious contouring. Gym makeup should be minimal. The main aim is to look good while you are exercising. Moreover, a little touch of makeup might make you feel more confident during a grueling workout session.  Probably there’s a hot-bod right next to you running on the treadmill and you want to catch his eye. A little makeup is all you need for that. Probably you are thinking that wearing makeup while you are sweating out at the gym will lead to skin concerns. Luckily there are few makeup products available, which are ok to wear while you are working out. Check out this post that talks about makeup for the gym.

BB cream for makeup for the gym

Wearing heavy foundation and concealer is a definite No-No when you are working out, because when mixed with sweat, these products can clog your pores which obviously results in breakout. All you need is a tinted moisturizer. So go for a BB cream with SPF. These are usually smudge proof and provide good coverage as well as feel light on skin.


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Add color only where it counts for makeup for the gym

There is no point is applying blush as you are going to get sweaty and red faced while working out. For your lips, you can choose tinted lip balms. Lip stains are also good option. Stains are lightweight, marker like product that can add lovely color to the lips without creating a bold statement lip. Don’t use lip gloss as it will attract your loose hair and make you feel uncomfortable.


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gym makeup 2,Makeup for the Gym

Mascara for makeup for the gym

Mascara can be a real concern if somehow it gets into your eyes and this is the last thing you would want in the middle of an intense work out session. So go with waterproof mascara. Do invest in a good quality waterproof mascara.

The trick to look polished and clean while you are exercising is to have neat eyebrows. Just apply a tiny bit of sheer water proof lip balm on your eye brows so that they don’t change shape & look bushy during workout. No need to put eye shadow while you are doing makeup for the gym. Keep it simple.

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Carry blotting sheets for makeup for the gym

After an intense work out at the gym, you would need a bit of touch up before leaving the gym. If you don’t have time to wash your face clean and reapply all the makeup, then carry some blotting sheets in your bag to soak up the excess oil and sweat from your face without disturbing your makeup. Simply blot the places that get shiny, like your forehead, nose, chin and you will look dewy instead of sweaty.

Finally spray some face mist to set the entire makeup and you are done!

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gym makeup 1, Makeup for the Gym

The main idea main gym makeup is that when you look good, you feel good. And it’s important that you feel good while sweating out at gym. These tips will help you to pull up your best gym face. Next time when you hit gym, don’t forget to follow it all as you never know whom you will run into 😉

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