How to Make 2014 Beautiful

New Year is just around a day far and I know everyone is busy planning what to wear on the New Year eve and where to go on the 1st day of the year. This is some different post for the beautiful people around the world. I am glad Kiran gave me a chance to write and interact with you people. There is definitely makeup to write about but for the coming New Year you are definitely not going to think only about makeup 24×7 so here I am with this different  and wonderful post.

How to Make 2014 Beautiful

With the end of every year we see minds flourishing with ideas of New Year resolutions. How many of us keep them? Some say for few months, for few weeks, few days, few hours or even minutes.

So this year I have made up my mind to come with some realistic, fun and useful New Year resolutions which will help everyone of us and our beautiful soul and body. Eager to know what they are? Keep on reading… too much time spent on thinking for them…

  1. Make a deal with the fruit wala in your society to deliver 1 kg of fresh fruits every alternate day. By this everyone in your house will start eating fruits including you and thus will have a balanced and healthy diet. This will come with added benefits of glowing skin, good hair, sparkling eyes etc. Also if you don’t finish them up you will end up piling them and wasting them and we don’t like wasting food.
  2. Make a resolution for the CTM routine. Never to have the morning tea which you crave for unless you follow the Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing routine. Same goes for night. Not to rest your head on the pillow until you follow the CTM routine.
  3. Are you on diet? Are you watching weight? Then you should definitely do this resolution.  Put a certain amount of money in a shared account. Every time your friend sees you eating anything which is heavy on calories or something you should not eat ask him to withdraw money from that account. This will make you as well your friend keep a watch on what you eat.
  4. Take time to try something new. Every moment comes only once in life. Plan for some adventures. Go on an unusual trip. Meet long lost friends. Do something that you have never done before (in a good sense I meant… please don’t murder someone). Go trekking, rafting, skiing, kayaking etc. and then write about your experience here.
  5. My last resolution for the coming year is planning. Plan your day in advance. Maintain a dairy near your bed where you write what you are going to do tomorrow and utilize your day to the fullest. Eat healthy, Sleep Early, Exercise and pray and have aamazzzzzzzinnnggg year ahead.

So guys and gals let me know how well my thoughts have run and wish you all a wonderful new year!!

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