Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Detan Face Pack Review

Hello Readers, I am going to post Lotus Herbals Detan Face Pack Review. Most of us are aware these days about the use of sun protection and its importance. Not only it has beauty benefits but also it shields us against skin cancer like diseases. This is the reason why companies like Lotus also have Sun shield lotions even for men. However even after remaining consistent with the anti sun army, skin still suffers from some kind of tanning and damage. De-tan face packs are like the perfect solution to get complete protection against sun damage and here is one for you.
Check – Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Detan Face Pack

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Detan Face Pack Review

Lotus Herbals De-tan Face Pack is an exclusive formulation to help remove skin tan and other forms of sun damage. A ready to use face pack with a non dripping creamy consistency. It claims to fight pigmentation caused by sun damage and improve skin tone and clarity. After all who does not want a flawless skin tone.

Price of Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Detan Face Pack : Rs. 265/-

Directions for use : Wash face and apply all over face & neck. Relax till completely dry. Rinse with fresh water. Use twice a week or more depending upon sun exposure.


Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Detan Face Pack ingredients

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Beige

Smell : Appealing

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Detan Face Pack tube

 What Lotus Herbals De-tan Face Pack claims

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Detan Face Pack claims

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Detan Face Pack swatch

My experience with Lotus Herbals Detan Face Pack

Lotus Herbals Detan Face Pack has a creamy consistency which makes it easy to apply uniformly on the skin. The tube packaging makes application simple as there is no need of dipping hands into anything. Also the tube is so similar to the other products of the Lotus Sun Safe range that one might get confused between them. Not a large quantity is required to get that tan free look. This is a life savior for busy women who need ready to use face packs. There is no unnecessary addition of products to be mixed along and also no dripping which could make this a messy process.

As per instructions I apply Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Detan Face Pack on clean face and neck and leave it as that. It does not get dried up completely like other creamy face packs. Once I feel that it is semi dry I make it a point to wash it off with normal water. The first thing I notice is that my skin looks so smooth and soft to touch. It does remove the fresh tan and skin looks radiant too. There is no unusual dryness on my normal to dry skin. Looking at the claims it says that it is meant to remove pigmentation caused by sun exposure, neutralize the sun damage and improve the skin tone.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun De-tan Face Pack lives up to its promises of neutralizing the sun damage by removing the fresh tan and skin looks lighter too. However it does not actually help in removing old tan, sun burns or severe pigmentation. Especially it does not remove old pigmentation even after continued use. Otherwise the lightning of skin tone is due to the removal of the tan. This face pack is good for use on alternative days whoever needs something light and non messy to fight every day sun damage. However this is not something that would make any one fairer or solve severe pigmentation problem.

Overall Lotus Herbals De-tan Face Pack is a ready made face pack to remove fresh tan and improve skin clarity. This is purely non-messy and not at all drying just that it does not fight severe pigmentation or old tan on skin

Good about Lotus Herbals Detan Face Pack

  • Removes daily tan
  • Improves skin clarity
  • Makes skin softer
  • Non messy
  • Does not drip
  • Ready to use pack
  • Great for traveling
  • Creamy consistency
  • Non drying on skin
  • Affordable

Bad about Lotus Herbals De-tan Face Pack

  • Does not lighten complexion
  • Does not work on pigmentation or severe tanning

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3.5/5  ♥♥♥•

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  1. it looks worth a try…

  2. I used it but it dint work much for me thgh 🙁

  3. Same here…! it did not work for me either!

  4. sounds decent 🙂

  5. good review dear 🙂

  6. good review Jutika 🙂

  7. My skin tannes due to sun nd lotus dosnt work well.. Cn u temme wat is possible way to get ride of the tanned that i got?

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