How to Look Sexy and Beautiful

Hello girls 🙂 How to Look Sexy and Beautiful. We all love looking beautiful and sexy, don’t we? Being beautiful walks hand in hand with feeling beautiful. What you are, who you are actually reflects in the way you look. You got to be very ‘yourself’ to own a confidence that is oh-so sexy itself! Outfits and make-up will do their part, but until and unless you are comfortable in your own skin all your trials will go in vain!
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Best ways to look sexy and beautiful

  • As I said, confidence is SEXY. Carry your attitude which is individualistic, original and irreplaceable. Your outlook and perception will set you apart from others and build up an image that will be your trademark!
  • Keep yourself hygienic and groomed! Your skin should always look healthy, soft and moisturized. Also, wear a feminine scent to match with the aura of your charm.
  • Pamper yourself with all kind of goodies that you love, be it manicure, pedicure, bubble baths, massage, facials, spa regimes and so on. Go for new hairdos or new haircuts often to change your look radically.

Outfit to Look Sexy and Beautiful

  • Stay in shape. It is never too late to start workouts and revamp yourself. Eat healthy and think healthy for a sound mind and sexy body!
  • Bring out the best in you with your positive feature. Wear make-up that looks natural on the skin and sober in appeal. For example, the touch of a light lip gloss that doesn’t hide the natural color of your lips is perfect. Similarly, go light on eyes if you’re highlighting the lips or vice-versa! Less is more. P.S. Looking overloaded is a strict NO-NO!!!

Ways to Look Sexy and Beautiful

  • On the dressing front, don’t overdo the sexiness you want to flaunt. Keep it just right thereby opening a way to hundreds of imaginations. Too much skin show may end up portraying you as ‘too desperate’.
  • Miniskirts, shorts and crop tops can give a boost to your sultriness thus keeping it chic and smart at the same time. Lace and Sheer are the elements to go for to make a smoking hot statement!

outfit for Sexy and Beautiful look

  • Invest in versatile pieces like a great fitting pair of jeans, a tailor made blazer, a crisp white shirt, a little black dress, etc. Black is and always be sexy! Don’t run after latest trends unless you are comfortable in it. Focus on one thing at a time. Wearing lots of chunky jewelry with a heavily patterned outfit is crime. If you are fond of wearing accessories, sport a monochromatic look.
  • Invest in sexy undergarments that fit just right at the right places. Don’t show them unnecessarily unless they go with the class of your look. Black, white and skin-toned undergarments are must-haves. Wearing sexy lingerie can actually make you feel more sexy and confident.
  • Heels are sexy. They make every poise and posture perfect. But who said flats are not? They are comfy, cute and easy to walk in and this sense of easiness is nothing but sexy.

So, the key is to be you and shine on! 🙂

About Geetanjali Bharali

Geetanjali is from Duliajan, Assam. She has completed her graduation in B.Sc.Biotechnology from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. Her interests lies in browsing fashion blogs, reading novels, jewelry shopping and of course posing for pictures. She prefers writing on beauty blog as she loves sharing her perception of beauty with people alike and get to learn new things each passing day. She says " I must say my journey with this beauty blog is going to be an endless one". She loves to publish outfit posts, fashion posts and product reviews on this blog as she is doing so far."


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