Look Gorgeous with Coral Makeup

Look Gorgeous with Coral Makeup – Hello everyone 🙂 Today I will tell you hoe to Look Gorgeous with Coral Makeup. When it comes to make up, perfection is the key. As the main aim behind applying makeup is to highlight your attractive features, but doing it as per the latest trends is equally important. And the tastemaker this year is undoubtedly the ‘coral makeup’. Creating a rage with soothing tones of colors like, peach, pink etc., this kind of makeup is something that goes with all skin tones. And the best part is that you can easily apply it every day without facing much hassle.

Look Gorgeous with Coral Makeup

Look Gorgeous with Coral Makeup

We know applying makeup every day can be annoying for many. But now it is time to keep all your worries at bay, as here is a tutorial that will guide you about a coral make up that will give you a radiant look every day. Amazing isn’t! So, check out how to Look Gorgeous with Coral Makeup.

Look flawless with Coral Makeup

  • Start with cleansing and moisturizing of your face. Apply a thin layer of foundation on your face and mix it using your finger tips for even blending. Be sure that foundation is as per your skin tone.
  • Use face brush to spread further and settle it down to all areas of your face.
  • In case you have dark circles around your eyes, use concealer to hide them and maintain the freshness on your face. In order to make your concealer blend easily, mix little amount of eye cream with it.
  • Use sculpting cream on your cheekbones, under your jawline and side of your nose for defining the areas. And set everything with face powder.
  • Now apply blush from the coral color palette that includes shades like peach, matte orange, creamy pink etc. Use any of these vibrant colored blushes on your cheeks to get a refreshing look.

Easy ways to do coral makeup

  • Lastly, highlight your cheekbones with the highlighter. If you don’t have one, then you can apply blush with golden shimmer in it on top of your cheekbones. Just brush it again.
  • Since it is coral, try shades like golden peach, pearl pink, pale orange etc., for the eye shadow. Apply this eye shadow on the upper eyelid as well as on the inner corner of the eye.
  • Blend this eye shadow with the area outside your eyes using the right sized brush.
  • And to give your eyes a soft and fresh look, avoid applying eyeliner or kohl. Instead, you can curl your eye lashes and apply mascara on them.

Simple tips to do coral makeup

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The coral eye makeup when teamed up with a slight touch of shimmer, gives your eyes more attention but in a soft manner.

These are some of the points one needs to remember in order to Look Gorgeous with Coral Makeup.

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